Oct 142010

People nowadays are communicating a lot on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. We just can’t live without accessing these social network websites each day. How if your company’s internet computer or your school’s computer are blocking these websites using some sort of firewalls or website blocking software?

5 Ways to un-block and access to Facebook at School

There are several ways to unblock and access to blocked websites in your school computer or office computer. Please refer to the below methods to find out the best ways to access blocked websites.

1)      The most common method is using proxy server. Free proxy server will allow you to surf internet without revealing your IP address and by passing the web filters. I would like recommend HideMyAss and virtual-browser- free web proxy service provider. You do not need to configure anything and just put the URL address of the website and press the button.

hide my ass

virtual browser

2)      If HideMyAss free proxy website is not working for you, then you need to find other fresh web proxies. Proxy.org is a great directory of free working web proxies which has a few thousands of free web proxies. I’m sure you can find at least one working proxy to be used. Some school web filters are always blocking the URL address with proxy, therefore; look for web proxy without proxy within the URL address.

free web proxy list

3)      If you want a better connection and speed to access these blocked websites, you can subscribe VPN (Virtual Private Network) service for safe and anonymous surfing. This is not a free service and you need to pay to get the service. The VPN service provider provides a virtual connection to your computer as if you were actually in other places. By using VPN, your real IP will be hiding and you can get secured connection to access any internet websites. Some VPN service providers are StrongVPN and VPN Privacy.

4)      So, you still cannot access to blocked sites? Don’t worry first; try to use Windows Remote desktop to remote your home computer. Type your home computer IP address to enable the remote session. If successful, you can surf any websites just like at your home.

remote desktop connection

5)       Otherwise, you can also use some free remote software or website to access your home PC such as TeamViewer and LogMeIn.

team viewer


Kindly share with us which method mentioned above that helps you  to access blocked websites including Facebook. Do let us know if you have other methods to access blocked websites so we can update your method in our list.

  4 Responses to “How to Access Blocked Websites or Facebook at School, Office”

  1. I don’t think that the boss will appreciate that.

  2. Everyone knows about web proxies but these are not always the best alternative. The safest way to unblock specific websites is by using a VPN or a proxy service. I recommend ibVPN or IP Privacy.

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