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Heroes season 4 is airing on NBC Network now. Do you watch Heroes (TV Series) From Season 1 till Season 4? I have been watching Heroes Season 1 and Season 2.I love to watch Heroes Episodes same as I love to watch Prison Break. I did not watch the full episodes of Heroes Season 3 due to busy working loads. However, now I will allocate my free time to watch Heroes new season 4 with my family.


For your info, Heroes Season 4 had been premiered on Monday, September 14th on NBC Network. Please allow me to introduce simple Heroes plot and Heroes Season 4 characters that you can expect from Heroes Season 4.

1) Claire Bennet

“Save the Cheerleader” in Heroes first season was a popular slogan when people talked about Heroes. In Season 4, she leave her cheer leading days to pursue higher education at Washington D.C college.She stays at the dormitory in college and her roommate Annie wanted to help Claire to plan for her future and Claire agrees.Unexpectedly, Annie was found dead on the ground from her room.Claire was surprised to find the dead of Annie and wanted to find the truth.

2) Peter Petrelli

Peter is a superman in my opinion, he can learn anything in a short time and never die. He has a job as paramedic and live a normal life in New York City. He uses his power to rescue people in a danger.

3) Matt Parkman

One of my favorite character in Heroes series. He can read other people’s mind or control their mind. He wiped out Sylar’s mind and convincing him that he is Nathan Petrelli. However, Parkman’s life is not peaceful as Sylar keep on appearing in his mind and disturb him. If I were him, I guess I will be crazy because I cannot allow 2 different voices appear in my head at same time.

4) Hiro Nakamura

heroes - Hironakamura
Hiro has the ability to bend space and time, he can stop time and teleport to other place at the same time. I really like this kind of teleport power as it can fix past mistakes and make life better. In season 4, Hiro and Ando returned to Japan and open a Dial A Hero phone service to help people who’s in trouble.

5) Sylar

heroes - sylar
He is a serial killer who targets other powerful humans to steal their brains and gains their abilities. He is really a bad superpower human who’s too greedy to acquire other people powers. However, his memories had been erased by Matt Parkman.

6) Samuel Sullivan

Heroes - SamuelSullivan

New character in the new season of heroes. He is the head of a carnival ring and working with other evolved humans. He has the ability to manipulate earth and other minerals with his mind. I remembered his character in Prison Break tv series as “T-Bag” and he actually played his role very well.

Now I hope you get some ideas from this Heroes season 4 review. Feel free to watch the short Heroes Season 4 clip and hope you enjoy it. Tell me what do you think about this new season of Heroes Season 4 ?

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