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Today I would like to wish all my chinese friends “冬至节快乐“. 冬至 – Winter Solstice is Chinese Lunar New Year which is very important traditional festival for chinese. Winter Solstice commonly known as “Winter Festival”. Actually there’s no fixed date for Winter Solstice but mostly fall in December. Ancient Chinese people emphasis the importance of winter solstice as big as Chinese New Year.

Origin of Winter Solstice Festival

The Winter Solstice festival originated from the Han Dynasty and people especially family members must go home to eat gathering dinner and visit the parents. However nowadays in our modern community, seldom people will remember this festival especially the younger generation because they can remember only Christmas Day in December. :)

Winter Solstice’s  Food

Well, normally we will eat this food called “汤圆” or in english called “Tang Yuan” It is actually made of flour. We normally put some flour on our hand and rub it become small round shape. Then, put all the “Tang Yuan” into boiled water. You can add some sugar into it and become “Tang Yuan Soup”. Anyway, I prefer the dry “Tang Yuan” and put some peanut powder on the surface of “Tang Yuan” and believe me, it tastes so nice until licking your finger.

How To Calculate Winter Solstice Festival ?
Actually, there is a formula to calculate the date of Winter Solstice Festival. Please see the below example:

Formula : [Y*D+C] – L
Y = Year (take the last 2 digit), D = 0.2422, L = Lunar year (year/4) , C = 21 Century = 21.94
Let’s take year 2009 for example:

[09 x 0.2422 + 21.94] – [09/4] = 24.1198 – 2.25
= 21.8698, (round up to integer will be 22)
Answer: In 2009, the Winter Solstice Festival is 22-12-2009 (Today)

Happy Winter Solstice To Everyone.

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  1. happy Tang Yuan to you =)

  2. @aidi-safuan: Happy Winter Solstice to you too. :)

    @marccus: Happy Tang Yuan to you too. :)

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