Sep 222010

Time flies really fast and today is an annual MoonCake Festival for our Chinese community worldwide. In Chinese language, we called MoonCake festival or Mid-Autumn Festival as Zhong Qiu Jie. If you get the chance to gaze moon tonight, you will notice that tonight’s moon is the roundest and brightest which symbolizes completeness and abundance in Chinese opinion.

MoonCake Festival 2010

Talking about MoonCake Festival, we cannot forget the main food – Moon Cakes. MoonCake is known as reunion cake as well because most of the Chinese families will gather together for family feasting, moon-gazing and enjoying the mooncakes.

Although Mooncake is nice to eat but too much eating will harm your health because of the rich ingredients in traditional mooncake that may contains around one and a half times of an adult’s recommended daily intake of sugar and fat consumption. Therefore, eating just a quarter of mooncake is enough and recommended by doctor.

How do you celebrate MoonCake Festival this year? I hope you have a good time with your family and enjoy the MoonCake.

Happy MoonCake Festival to you.

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