Jun 182011

Father’s Day is falling on the third Sunday of June (19 June 2011) and it’s an important festival for all Fathers in the world. Most of us are looking seriously on Mother’s Day instead of Father’s Day may be because most of the children are having closer relationship with Mom. However, we should mark Father’s Day as important as Mother’s Day to appreciate the contribution and sacrifice of our fathers.

sms quotes for fathers day

Below are some Father’s Day SMS and Father’s Day quotes which can be sent to your lovely dad via SMS or greeting card. I believe your dad will be very happy after receiving these Father’s Day SMS from you. Happy Father’s Day to all!

1)      Warm thoughts of you on Father’s Day. It’s a pleasure to remember you with this message that brings wishes for happiness, and all the best to you on Father’s Day! Have a wonderful day!

2)      Happy Father’s Day. Although we may not be together when Father’s Day is here, you’re always close within my thoughts just as you are all years! Happy Father’s Day!

3)      Special wishes on Father’s Day. Father’s Day is the perfect time to remember you, because you’ve always been there for me in so many meaningful ways. Hope you know how much it means that you’ve been part of my life! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

4)      For my husband on Father’s Day. Although I’m sure you know this, I’ll tell you anyway; I’m very proud to be your wife and love you more every day! You always show your thoughtfulness in things you say and do, so today I wish the best with love from me to you! Happy Father’s Day, dear!

5)      Happy Father’s Day. You help me find happiness in the smallest things; in the common occurrences that every day brings. You bring me contentment as day passes day because of the warmth in your kind, sharing way. I wish you the best on Father’s Day and always.

6)      Hope Father’s Day will roll along in just the smoothest way, and you’ll enjoy whatever things you’d like to do today! Happy Father’s Day 2011.

7)      With love and thanks Dad on Father’s Day. With loving thanks, Dad, for leading my way with wisdom, patience and lots of love. Happy Father’s Day.

8)      To a dear Grandfather on Father’s Day. It’s Father’s Day, Grandfather and that means it’s your day too! It’s with deep affection that best wishes go to you! This brings many grateful thoughts about the special ways your thoughtfulness has added to the joy of many days! Happy Father’s Day!

9)      Just for you, Daddy on Father’s Day. Daddy: A happy, happy day to you and lots of love and kisses too! Happy Father’s Day!

10)   Happy Father’s Day Great Grandpa. Because you’re special, Great Grandpa, I want to send you this: some love and special wishes with a great big hug and kiss! Happy Father’s Day!

11)   Happy Father’s Day Daddy. You’re the greatest Daddy and my best friend all the way! I hope you have some special fun and joy on Father’s Day! I love you!

12)   Lots of love on Father’s Day. Guess who wishes you a day that’s happy as can be! Do you know who loves you lots? Well, Dad, it’s me! Happy Father’s Day, with lots of love!

13)   I love you Daddy and Happy Father’s Day. There’s still so much I need to learn. But just because I’m small, that doesn’t I don’t know you’re the best Dad of them all. Happy Father’s Day, with lots of love.

14)   To a wonderful Daddy on Father’s Day. Daddy, you’re the smartest, nicest, most terrific Daddy in the whole world! I bet that if you didn’t have the job of being a Daddy, you’d be president! Hope your Father’s Day is happy!

15)   Happy Father’s Day to my special Dad. This wish comes with kisses and with lots of love to say. “Dad, hope you feeling truly wonderful today!” Happy Father’s Day!

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