Apr 122009

In 2009, the Easter Day falls on 12 April which is Sunday. Here I would like to wish “Happy Easter Day” to all my Christian friends and readers all over the world.

Happy Easter Day 2009

Happy Easter Day 2009

Origins Of Easter Day

Easter Day is one of the most important festival in the Christian calendar and the main purpose is to celebrate the resurrection of the Jesus Christ. Normally Easter is celebrated on Sunday between March and April which mostly depends to the Gregorian calendar in that year. Three days before Easter Day was Good Friday where Christians believe that Jesus was executed by crucifixion and died. Then, Jesus had been risen from the dead by God. The resurrection of Jesus makes it the central belief of all Christians in the world.

As Romans 4:25 explains that, “Jesus was put to death for our trespasses and raised for our justification.”

New Life For Human Being

Although Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, but he came back to life again on Easter Day. He did not die at all, but went back to Heaven to be with his heavenly father – GOD and prepare a new home for all of us.

When Is Easter Day?

If you are interested to know the date of Easter Day for 2010, 2011 and etc… you can go to Calculator for Easter Day and enter the year you wish to know Easter Day falls on. Click the Calculate button and it will show you the date of Easter Day plus Good Friday. For example:

Thank you Jesus and Wish everyone has a wonderful Easter Day + great time with family and friends.

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