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Yesterday, I received an interesting Chinese New Year Greetings Email from friend and I would like to share with everyone especially my Chinese friends. As you know, this year is tiger year (虎年)in chinese calendar and everyone will greet each other with nice words such as “Gong Xi Fa Chai” – 恭喜发财. The real meaning of Gong Xi Fa Chai is Congratulation for making a lot of money.

I tried to use Google Translate to translate the whole forwarded article in English so all the readers know about the meaning of article. However, I found some funny meanings after translated into English. Let’s read below original Chinese article and its meaning after translated into English using Google Translator. I used Blue color to describe the true meanings of some sentences which I think quite funny after translated.

聽說有一伙人在四處打聽你 Heard of a group of people shop around to find you

還說逮住你不會輕饒你 Qing Rao also said that you do not catch you (They will catch you without mercy)

他們一個叫財神 They called the God of Wealth

一個叫順利 One called the smooth

領頭的叫幸福!The lead is called happiness!

我問過煩惱了 I asked trouble

它根本不愛你 It simply does not love you

還說永遠不理你 Also said that you never ignore (It will never care of you)

讓我轉告你不要自做多情!Let me tell you not to do so passionate self!

還有健康 讓我帶封情書給你 There are health, let me bring love letters to you

它暗戀你好久了並且一生不變! It is a secret crush on you for a long time, and life change!

祝你:新年快樂 你這一年就會財源滾滾 I wish you: Happy New Year you have sources of income this year will be rolling in

一定要發出去喔! Must be sent out Oh!

那你今年就會發大財。 Then you’ll get rich this year.

發吧!誰叫你人緣好。Fat Bar! Why did you popular with good. (Please send out!, as your people skill so good)

Original Translation Using Google Translator


I wish you and your family Happy Chinese New Year and may God bless you all.

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