Apr 012009

Are you cheated by somebody today? Or you are the one who play some tricks on other people? I know the embarrassment feeling when someone cheating you and make a fool of you. I think I will hate the person who doing such stupid fools to me.

However, today is April Fools’ Day and from the name you know the meaning immediately; Yes, you are right, today you must extra careful to prevent being cheated by others and be nice to anyone who try to make fun of you. Some news also saying that there might be malicious virus or worms will outbreak today which will hack your computer and cause the damage to the network. Well, I hope it’s not true anyway but just a soft reminder to you. Do not open any email attachment which you do not know who is the sender and remember to use some reliable Antivirus software to scan the attachment beforehand.

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy the April Fool’s Day and don’t over doing prank to your friends or colleagues as they might hate you from tomorrow onwards. Haha…


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