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How many of you have seen the chinese traditional wedding ? I guess most of us knew about chinese traditional wedding through chinese movies and television program. Nowadays, many young chinese couples are not keen to practice this traditional culture as it’s a lot of work to be done. Furthermore, young couples now prefer to have modern wedding styles to traditional wedding styles.

I have a chance to get some photos from a friend of mine who witnessed the ceremony of traditional chinese wedding not long ago and I would love to share with all of you who also appreciate all these precious traditional culture.

The picture shows an overview of bedroom for a newly-married Chinese couple. The bridal bed is prepared by groom side and installed on the day before the wedding. A proportion hour and a ‘good luck woman’ or a ‘good luck man’, that is a man or woman with many children and living mates, were selected to install a newly purchased bed. The two balloons tied with strings symbolize ‘husband and wife’ and will be ‘together’ throughout their life, like the strings. It will bring good marriage to both husband and wife the marital happiness as well. After the bed was in place, the children were invited onto the bed as an omen of fertility; the more the merrier.

The picture shows the detail of the bridal bed. many years ago, there was no electricity, thus torchlight is essential during the night. Red symbolize ‘happiness’ and ‘luck’, that’s why red cloth is mainly used for the bedroom.

The picture shows the overview of altar at a traditional Chinese home. The red umbrella is used to shield the new bride from the sun. You can also see the two new face towels for the husband and wife respectively.

The picture of ancestors are usually put up at the altar. The incense for worshiping is place on the left and right of the picture. During the wedding day, the bride and bridegroom will also pay respects to their ancestors.

On top left of the picture, the red fan is sued by the bride during the wedding day. There are also two baskets of nuts, seeds and oranges, which symbolize prosperity and wishing the couple with fruitful and joyful years ahead.

The vacuum flask is used by the couple to make hot drinks. Note the Chinese character on the flask, which means ‘Double Happiness’. Each half of the symbol is the standard character for happiness, written ‘hsi’ or ‘xi’.

Therefore, two ‘hsi’ graphs together represents the wish for the two young newlyweds to have happiness together. The double happiness graph (pronounced ‘shuang-hsi’) is a special Chinese character used for marital happiness.

Note the two lanterns by the side of the flask which is used a source of light at night as no electricity was available last time.

The picture shows a baby shirt which also symbolize the many offspring for the newly-wed couple in the future.


I think traditional wedding is a beautiful culture which should be maintained by new generation. If we do not help to preserve all these great assets left by our ancestors, may be one day our next generation will not see it again.

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  1. I do really like traditional wedding, I’m married to a Japanese woman, and had discovered a totally different lifestyle and wedding ceremony.

    P.S : didn’t you get a new logo header as you were the number 1 winner for Rebecca Contest on My blog?

  2. @Benjamincip: I guess you must know a lot about Japanese cultural and lifestyle from your wife. :)

    I got the new logo header but yet to customize the image to suit my blog. May be I’ll put it up later on my blog. Thanks for the concern.

  3. Haha I have seen many times of Chinese traditional wedding. Maybe because Im a chinese :lol:

  4. @Jacop Yap: Wow! That’s great experience I must say and I guess you had enjoyed the great time witnessed the traditional wedding. Even though I’m also chinese but I seldom see this kind of real traditional wedding. :)

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  6. This is an awesome article, Ill be adding you to my list.

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