Mar 202009

Today, I would like to share with you one of the nice photo effect website where you can embed your photo into the templates provided by PhotoFunia.Com. PhotoFunia is fun and easy to use online photo effects, the only thing you need to provide is your photo. It is recommended that you use pasport photo for best result. After uploading the photo, you can select the templates you want and create the new photo to share with everyone. You can save the picture to your computer, save as avatar, publish as blog or forum, order to print as T-shirts, cup, posters, send as postcard. Anyway, the last two services need to pay the money if you want to order to print and send postcard.

How To Use?

  1. Go to
  2. Select an effect from the templates (around 91 templates)
  3. Choose your photo
  4. Processing your photo effect. Just wait a few seconds
  5. Here we go. Your photo effect is done. Amazing ho!!!
  6. Save to disk or save as avatar, publish to blog/forum, order print, send as postcard

Extra services from Photo Funia

You can order to print your photo effect on T-Shirt, posters via their partner by clicking order now button.

If you want to send your photo effect as postcard to other friends around the world, just click the send as postcard button and pay little bit money to them. They will send it for you.

The Result

  1. Glamour Magazine
  2. BillBoard
  3. In Your Eyes
  4. My Avatar


It’s fun to have the online photo effect website as it’s convenient to use and easy access via internet. Plus, the service is free and the result also quite impressive. Please leave your comment if you have any opinions about this. Have Fun!

  7 Responses to “Great Photo Effect Website ~ PhotoFunia.Com”

  1. Thank you very much – photofunia is really nice site. Another site like this is – they make a new effect every day!

  2. @Bob Garson: You’re welcome and nice to meet you too. Thank you for introducing the to me. I will use it to create some funny faces in the future. :)

  3. Wow, it’s a really nice list of image editors. You know, I was very fortunate to find this. I was thinking of getting some good editors for posting images in my blog, CuteWriting.

    One more thing I need to mention is that the images are best viewed in the PNG format. It takes the best space value for a level of quality. In fact, it is a lossless format, that gives exactly the same quality as its corresponding bmp format, which is the original image format.

  4. @aswad: Nice to meet you, aswad. I’m glad that you find this post useful and thanks for the extra info that you shared with me. I really don’t know that PNG format images is a lossless format and good quality too. May be next time I can add some PNG format images to my future posts.

  5. Hello guys,

    I’m the developer of a website of digital photo effects(animations, image effects,image processing, photo frames,photo montages etc..)

    The website is and there are more than 300 different ones.


  6. @Daniel: Nice to meet you, Daniel. Your website is great and I will play around with it very soon. I will generate some selected photo effects from your website and introduce it here. Thanks for sharing with us.

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