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Since 50 branches 1Malaysia Clinics operating nationwide and offer medical treatment for RM1 for common illnesses such as fever, flu, and cold. More than 100 thousands people have visited the Klinik 1 Malaysia in the country and obviously 1 Malaysia Clinic concept has received encouraging responses from all the people thus reducing the number of patients at Government Hospitals. If you want to know the full list of 1 Malaysia Clinics, please click here. All 1 Malaysia Klinik operate from 10am to 10pm daily, seven days a week.

Alternative of 1 Malaysia Clinic is Government Clinic (Klinik Kerajaan)

Do you know that you can get an Outpatient Treatment at Government Clinic in all Government hospitals?

For those who are self employed or retired people, you can get the cheapest medical treatment at Government Clinic mostly in Government General hospital.

Government Clinic Services

  1. Pregnancy health care for mother and children (immunization)
  2. Family planning
  3. Diabetes, high blood pressure, counseling on food and stop smoking
  4. Health care for old people
  5. Health care for mentality
  6. Health care for teenager

How To Get Outpatient Treatment at Malaysia Government Clinic?
If you are a Malaysia citizen, just pay as low as RM1 to get medical treatment at Government Clinic. Non-Malaysian will pay more as they are not being subsidize by Malaysia Government. You need to register first at registration counter which require your IC (Identification Card) and the staff there will give you the number. After getting necessary Outpatient treatment from doctor, the doctor will give you a prescription which need to submit to Pharmacy section and wait for the medicine given by Government pharmacy. The process is quite easy but the duration of waiting for your turn is much depending on the total patients on that day.

Operating hour for Government Clinic:

Monday to Thursday
8am – 1pm
2pm – 9.30pm

8am – 12.15pm
2.45pm – 9.30pm

8am – 12.15pm

(Klinik Kerajaan closed on Sunday and Public Holidays)

Full List of Government Clinics in Malaysia

You can check the Senarai Klinik Kerajaan from official website Ministry of Health Malaysia

Just select Negeri (State) that you living now and click Carian (Search) button. For example, I select WP Kuala Lumpur and press Carian button. The result I get as shown below:

Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

1 Poliklinik Komuniti Bandar Tun Razak
No16-18,Jalan Jujur 3,Bandar Tun Razak
56000 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-9171 3333
No. Fax : 03-9173 1387

2  Poliklinik Komuniti Bangsar
Jalan Bangsar
59200 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-2282 5354
No. Fax :

3  Poliklinik Komuniti Batu
Batu 4 1/2 Jalan Ipoh
51200 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-6257 3355
No. Fax :

4  Poliklinik Komuniti Cheras
KM 6,Jalan Cheras
56100 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-9130 0458
No. Fax : 03-9131 5781

5  Poliklinik Komuniti Cheras Baru
Jalan 16,Kampung Cheras Baru off Jalan Kuari
56100 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-4294 6114
No. Fax :

6  Poliklinik Komuniti Dato Keramat
54000 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-4257 3333
No. Fax : 03-4256 4318

7  Poliklinik Komuniti Jinjang
Jalan Selangor
52000 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-6258 3355
No. Fax : 03-6257 8360

8  Poliklinik Komuniti Kampung Pandan
Jalan Kampung Pandan
55100 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-9281 0272
No. Fax : 03-9285 3095

9  Poliklinik Komuniti Kuala Lumpur
Hospital K.Lumpur, Jalan Pahang
50586 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-2615 5751
No. Fax : 03-2691 1660

10  Poliklinik Komuniti Petaling Bahagia
Batu 6,Jalan Puchong
58200 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-7782 9355
No. Fax : 03-7784 6246

11 Poliklinik Komuniti Sentul
189, Jalan Perhentian off Jalan Haji Salleh
51000 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-4041 1756
No. Fax : 03-4042 7557

12  Poliklinik Komuniti Setapak
26 & 28, Jalan 9/23A, Medan Makmur, Off Jln
53300 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-41425429
No. Fax : 03-41497230

13  Poliklinik Komuniti Sungai Besi
Jalan Besar,Sungai Besi
57000 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-9058 5464
No. Fax : 03-9058 6017

14  Poliklinik Komuniti Tanglin
Jalan Cenderasari
50590 K.Lumpur No. Telefon : 03-2698 3311
No. Fax : 03-2692 5361

I believe the Outpatient treatment in Government Clinics are similar with 1 Malaysia Clinics. Therefore, if you think to save expensive medical cost but do not want to go to Klinik 1Malaysia, you got the option to go Government Clinic for treatment.

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  1. I already saw one at my place =)

  2. @blinkky: Good to hear that. I hope they provide good service to the patient. :)

  3. i’m norehin binti ajistar 23yrsold.NURSING student from SEGI COLLEDGE KL and graduate on 2011.i would like to apply for the job as a staff nurse in klinik 1 malaysia. my number 0122401887.i hope i can get new from all and your cooperation and assisstance is highly appreciated.
    thank you.

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