May 192010

“Happy Birthday To YouTube, Happy Birthday To Youtube, Happy Birthday To Youtube, Happy Birthday To Youtube.”

Youtube 5th Birthday

This marks the fifth birthday of Video Sharing website YouTube after Google bought it with 1.65 billion dollar in 2006. YouTube was founded in February of 2005 and according to Google, Yotube is the third most heavily traffics on the internet. Google is hoping that Youtube will become the next television where people will spend more time on YouTube compared to spend 5 hours watching TV.

Today, Youtube is getting more than two billion hits daily and the numbers are still growing rapidly. Do you know that YuoTube just using 6 months time to achieve 1 billion views per day. In October 2009, Youtube had achieved 1 billion views per day and if the trend continues, I can foresee more than 3 billion views per day will be recorded in the end of the year 2010.

Some interesting facts about Youtube videos:
1) The first Youtube video was uploaded by Jawed Karim (co-founder Youtube), with the title “Me at the zoo”. You can still watching it on YouTube now.

2) Slogan of YouTube is “Broadcast Yourself” which means to let people express themselves.
3) The first utube video to achieve 1 million views is Ronaldino.
4) As of May 2010, the 5 most viewed Youtube videos were:
1. Charlie bit my finger – again (191 million views)

2. Evolution of Dance (143 million views)

3. Miley Cyrus 7 Things music video (119 million views)

4. Laughing baby Hahaha (120 million views)

5. Achmed the dead terrorist (112 million views)

Youtube is aiming to generate revenue from Youtube advertising by user generated contents. I believe it could earn profits as the numbers of Youtubers are increasing everyday. However, Youtube must be careful about illegal content such as pirated tv shows or movies being uploaded to their system. Apart from that, I personally think YouTube is really a good channel of entertainment and knowledge portal. Well done to YouTube and Happy 5th Birthday.

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