Aug 152010

Picasa is Free Photo Editor software which is categorized as free Google software. Picasa software is acquired by Google in 2004 and supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux and Mac OS X as well.

 Picasa 3

The latest version is Picasa3 and I’m amazed by its powerful functionalities as a free photo editor and image viewer. Some of the Picasa’s features that make it unique from other photo editor software are keyword tagging, geo-tagging, search for faces and other rich features.

How to Install Picasa 3 Software?

Step1: Download Picasa 3 from Google Picasa website.

Step2: Install the Picasa 3 by double clicking the Picasa installer. Press I Agree button to accept the License Agreement.

 license agreement

Step3: Now, the Choose Install Location message appeared, the default program is set and just clicks Install to continue the installation. Make sure that your hard disk space at least more than 52MB to allow the Picasa 3 installation.

 choose install location

Step4: The whole installation process just took you around 10-15 seconds to finish. You can choose to create shortcut on desktop, add shortcut to Quick Launch as shown below. Once done, click Finish button to run Picasa3 program.

 finish picasa 3 setup

 Picasa is also a Photo viewer program which allows you to view photos directly from Windows Explorer. You can use Picasa Photo viewer as the default viewer for various photo formats such as JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA and RAW.

 picasa photo viewer as default viewer

For first time user, Picasa will ask your preferences to only search pictures on your computer either only search My Documents, My Pictures, Desktop or search whole computer for pictures. This step is very useful because the second time when you open Picasa, the program will ready to work immediately without waiting for the pictures loading.

 picasa search pictures on your computer

Depends to volume pictures that you have in your hard drive, Picasa may take some time to scan all the pictures in the first time. Once it is complete, you will see the Picasa layout as below:

 picasa overview


I will be using Picasa free software to do some photo editing tasks and I will share with all of you if there are any new features in Picasa software. Now download the latest Picasa 3 below.

Download Picasa version 3.6 for Windows XP/Vista/7

Download Picasa version 3.6 for Mac OS X (requires Intel CPU)

Download Picasa version 3 for Linux (beta)

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  1. I’ll download it =)

  2. goood and easy to use

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