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What is Google Pack?

According to Wikipedia, Google Pack is a software package that allows users to discover, install and maintain a number of application programs. Google Pack was announced in 2006 and currently available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. After you have installed the programs, Google updater will help to check and upgrade the newer version automatically.

google pack

Google Pack Software

There are 12 software being selected by Google Pack and 7 of them are Google branded products. I will list all the GooglePack Software and their brief introductions below for your easy reference.

1)      Google Chrome Web Browser – Google Chrome is a web browser to help your browsing the web faster and safer. For your info, I’m currently using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as my main browsers. I love both of them because they act fast and I also can install some useful plugins to enhance my working tasks.

2)      Google Apps – One of the Google Applications that I have to use everyday is Gmail. Gmail is my primary email account and without it, I’m not able to communicate with friends and family. Although I have created and using Yahoo mail even earlier than Gmail, but I have switched to Gmail nowadays because I love the simplicity.

3)      Google Earth – Google Earth software is really a powerful application that helps me to find the maps, driving directions, hotels and street. The photos and maps are accurate and is a must have tool for Travelers. Google Earth is available as free and Google Earth Pro ($399). For me, free Google Earth is sufficient for me to explore all geographic information around the world.

4)      Google Toolbar – Google Toolbar Software is an Internet browser toolbar for Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It locates above the browser’s tab bar and you can login to Gmail account, search internet results, saved bookmarks, translation tool, spell checker and pop-up blocker to block unrecognized pop-up advertisement.

5)      Google Desktop- Google Desktop is installed on PC desktop which allows you to search for emails, computer documents, music, movies files…Google Desktop is appearing as sidebar which contains email, photos, news, weather and Google Talk. You can set it as auto hide mode and only appear when you move the mouse cursor over it.

6)      Google Talk- This is my favorite Google gadget. I used Google Talk software to communicate with my friends and family members. I can send and receive files and voice easily with Google Talk. I found that when I talk to my friends with Google Talk, the sound quality is good and clear.

7)      Picasa- Picasa was acquired by Google in July 2004. Picasa is an image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos. It also comes with a Picasa Web Albums which allows users to store and share 1GB of photos for free. Picasa offers some basic photo editing features such as red eye remover, cropping and color enhancement. I will be covering Picasa photo editor’s features in the future posts as well.

8)      Adobe Reader – Well, I guess most of the people will know Adobe Reader’s functionality. The main function of Adobe Reader is to view, print and search PDF files. It’s a must have tool for PDF format files and documents.

9)      Real Player- Real Player software is a multi-format media player which can play music, videos and graphics in various file formats such as RMVB, MP3, MP4, DVD, MPEG, JPEG, PNG, GIF and other more formats.

10)   Skype – Skype is the largest international voice carrier and acquired by eBay in 2005. Skype allows users to make voice calls over the internet and the service is free. Skype also provides instant messaging, file transfer and video conferencing features to all users.

11)   Spyware Doctor with Anti Virus – Spyware Doctor Starter edition is a spyware removal product which able to scan spyware and suspicious viruses in PC drive windows registry and cookies. Spyware Doctor Starter edition has limited real-time protection with 60% of definition files which might not give full protection to your PC. However, it’s still a free Antivirus scanner which can be trusted.


Google Pack is a good software package which is free and useful for Google customers. I recommended you to try all these free but powerful programs to enhance your online experiences. Download Google Pack now.

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