May 012011

I remembered in my previous Google Nexus S review posts, I didn’t mention about Nexus S video chat feature because Nexus S was not equipped with the 3G video calling functionality at that moment even with Android Gingerbread 2.3. Although you can use third party Android app such as Tango for video calling, but it still cannot deliver the best quality video chat quality.

nexus s supports video chat

Image courtesy: Google Mobile Blog

Good news to all Nexus S owners as Google Android team will roll out the latest Android OS 2.3.4 over-the-air update within a couple of weeks. That means when you upgrade Nexus S OS to Android 2.3.4, you can make calls over a 3G or 4G data network as well as WiFi.

Android Phone supports Google Talk with Video and Voice Chat

In the coming future, you can video chat with all your friends and family members right from your Android phone without using other third-party apps. Check out the below video to experience Google Talk with video and voice chat for Android.

How to Manually Install Android 2.3.4 Into Google Nexus S

For those Nexus S owners who can’t wait for the Android 2.3.4 update in the next few weeks, you can actually download the Android 2.3.4 and install it manually by using the below instructions. Please be reminded that your Nexus S must already running on Android OS 2.3.1, 2.3.2 or 2.3.3 to continue the update.

1)      Download Android zip file from Google here

2)      Copy the file to Nexus S phone’s internal storage

3)      Shut down phone, reboot into bootloader by holding volume up and power it back on

4)      Use volume buttons to choose “recovery” from the list and select it with power button

5)     When you see the “/!\” symbol, hold the POWER button and then press the VOLUME UP button.

6)     Wait for the update to complete and then select “reboot system now”

Thanks to Chris Parsons on Nexus S forums, Android Central

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