Apr 052011

The Google Nexus S comes with 5 Megapixels auto focus camera with LED flash. I must admit that Nexus S camera is performing beyond my expectation with its high quality still images and videos. Another good thing about Nexus S camera is it comes with front-facing VGA camera for video chat. That means I don’t have to switch back and forth to take my own profile photo.

Basically, the camera image settings consist of Select Camera option (Back or Front), Flash Mode (Auto, On, Off),   White Balance settings (Auto, Incandescent, Daylight, Fluorescent, Cloudy), Store location (On, Off), Focus Mode (Auto, Infinity, Macro) and Exposure (+2, +1, 0).

google nexus s camera settings

For the video settings, you can adjust video quality ( High, Low, MMS, YouTube) and color effect (None, Mono, Sepia, Negative). The highest video resolution you can get from Nexus S is 720 X 480, not bad at all!

google nexus s video settings

Photos below were taken using Auto-Focus and Daylight Mode. All the images had been resized to smaller resolution for better viewing (their original image resolution is 2560 X 1920). If you want to view the original images, click here to download.

Let’s find out the quality of images below:

Food Pictures (Auto & Daylight Mode)

menu (auto)

food (auto)

food1 (daylight)


food close up (daylight)

Beach Sunset Pictures (Auto Mode)

Sunset (auto)

sunset1 (auto)

sunset2 (auto)

Other Pictures (Auto Mode)

toy (auto)

gift (auto)

aquarium (auto)

Google Nexus S Videos:

All the below short videos were taken using Auto & Daylight Mode without flash. Watch out, for the food video I had used two effects: Auto mode then Daylight mode. See if you could notice any differences between the two?

Food Video (Auto & Daylight):

Sunset Video (Auto):

Aquarium Video (Auto) :


Overall, I’m quite satisfied with how Nexus S is handling both the photos and video-shooting. Comparing to most mobile devices it performs rather well, I’m sure you’ll agree with me after seeing the examples above. Honestly, I just feel that if Nexus S could add in some more features such as ‘zooming’ and external shutter button instead of internal then that would be awesome. But that’s just my opinion. Would you be interested in getting your own Nexus S? Get it now from Maxis.

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  1. I don’t understand why NS doesn’t have 720p video recording mode. Its CPU is powerful enough to do so…

    • @Jayce: You’re right. That’s a little bit of disappointment from Nexus S. NS can get the highest recording at 720 x 480 video resolution with ED (Enhanced Definition) and not HD (High Definition). For 720p it would need to be like 1280×720 I think. But I think the Nexus S does a great job at recording video, even without HD resolution.

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