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Recently, Chairman of Giant search engine aka “Google” said something good about famous micro-blogging – “Twitter” in a closing address at Google’s Zeitgeist conference. In short, Google CEO ( Eric Schmidt) gave hint that Google could go into partnership with Twitter. It means that Google loves Twitter instead of going into battle with Twitter.

Why Google Loves Twitter ?

I know you are eagerly to know why Google Co-founder Larry Page loves Twitter as well. The answer is simple and I think most of you will guess it right. It’s “Real-time Information” provided by Twitter which enables users to broadcast their thoughts and news instantly. In contrary to Google’s search engine, it might take several hours or even days to update the news. That also means Twitter is delivering messages and news faster than Google. Nowadays, people always want to do things real time and faster. Larry Page even said that Twitter have done a great job about providing real-time stuff to the users.

Who Is Twitter ?

May be some of you still wondering who is Twitter and why it is famous among the social media sites. You may read my previous post ~ Twitter|The Star Of Social Media Tools.

If you are wondering how to start with Twitter, I will refer you to Social Media Guide to Successful Blogging by She has broad knowledge with social media network and active in blogging especially Twitter.

A little Facts About Twitter

Statistic Usage of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace Year 2009

Statistic Usage of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace Year 2009

By looking at the graph generated by It’s not surprised that Facebook is the most visited social network site with nearly 1.5 billion visits in April 2009 follow by MySpace with nearly 0.6 billion visits. Although Twitter is sitting at third position, but the growth of 1,340.54% in a year truly remarkable. If Twitter can consistently getting popularity from the users all over the world, it might overtake Facebook and Myspace to become the most visited social media website in the future.

Google Buy Twitter ? Google Partnership With Twitter ? Google Twitter ?

Twitter is built to allow people sending, receiving real-time information and the speed of updating is instant without delay. I believe Google will act on something to quench people’s thirst of demanding faster information as what Twitter is doing now.

Do you think that Google will buy Twitter or go into partnership with Twitter ? Please share your thoughts.

  17 Responses to “Google Loves Twitter | Google Could Partnership Twitter”

  1. It’s hard to tell weither or not google will buy twitter, but one sure thing is that if google is interested in twitter, they might start a partnership. However, since Youtube was bought by google, I wouldn’t be surprised to google buy twitter. And as they say “One never knows” Keep on the good work Lee ;) I really like reading your articles.

    Benjamincip’s last blog post..Does a Marketplace Better Than ClickBank and PayDotCom exist?

  2. @Benjamincip: Thanks for the valuable comment and support. I have same feeling with you that Google might go into partnership with Twitter instead of buying Twitter. I enjoy reading your posts too :)

  3. I think there will be more interesting happen if google join with twitter =)

    blinkky’s last blog post..What Is Your Name In Japanese?

  4. @blinkky: Yup! It will be a huge news of the year and everyone will receive real-time information from Google search result. Let’s wait and see!

  5. I was thinking that you could put google adsense in twitter if they became one compagny, but this couldn’t happen, because everyone would put the exactly same ads on their twitter and nobody will be willing to click them, unless they change the form and create a rwtad-like ad program which could be another great way to make money online! Friends, let’s try our best to find the IDEA to make BIG CASH online together!

    Benjamincip’s last blog post..Does a Marketplace Better Than ClickBank and PayDotCom exist?

  6. lol…. Google will partnership with all powerful social networking and bookmarking website and pawn Microsoft and Yahoo forever…. lol

  7. @Bradley Nordstrom: Nice to see you here. It’s really a good news if Google can partnership with Twitter. All of us are waiting for their good news…

    @Benjamincip: I think you are good in marketing and always have great ideas in making money online. Can’t wait to make Big Big Cash online already :)

    @Kit Kat: You’re right:) Google has rich cash and willing to spend in order to maintain its Search Engine throne.

  8. good post again..i found that ur blog post are quite real time and updated info..haha..i hope Twitter can replaceed facebook position in one day

    imDavidLee’s last blog post..Dave’s Corner Had Been Migrated !!!

  9. @imDavidLee: Thanks for the comment and glad you like it. Hehe..I believe that if Google partnership with Twitter, Twitter sure will overtake facebook position very soon. :)

  10. There was a shown down between twitter, Google and Yahoo at last week’s SF Jelly talks. Google and Yahoo each place Twitter in different contexts–Google views twitter as valuable source of URL’s to add to its algorithm. Yahoo see’s twitter as a way of adding fresh content to breaking news sites.

    But really twitter can be worth so much more. It can be our source of mobilizing learning and resources much faster than ever before.

    To read more on all this please visit:

    traffichoney’s last blog post..Twitter’s role in search–how to be a complete game changer

  11. @traffichoney: Nice to meet you and thanks for the valuable comment. I agree with you that Twitter can deliver the information much faster than before. No doubt both Google and Yahoo love Twitter. :)

  12. thanks for the response. Not just pure info but also the ability to connect with those who are at the bleeding edge. But to really make that possible twitter has to build a few extra features on their search like retweet aggregating, to see who is a topic expert by number of retweets. That way rather than just eyeballing what is valuable from twitter search we get community counts of it.

  13. @traffichoney: You’re welcome:)If Twitter can add extra features like what you suggested, I guess Google, Yahoo & Microsoft will bid a large sum of money to buy or partnership with Twitter. Thanks for the sharing.

  14. Oh no… I am out. I don’t even have Twitter yet. :(

    Jayce’s last blog post..Places to visit at Genting Highlands

  15. if they are partner..then there will not have rival in this world

  16. @Jayce: Don’t worry Jayce, it’s never too late to sign up for Twitter and engaging with the people on Twitter is a lot of fun! Let’s join the club. :)

    @imDavidLee: Yup! If they become partner, then I guess Microsoft will reconsider to buy or partner with Yahoo again. LOL!

  17. Hi, yes I believe twitter is on the way to doing that. I blogged about Twitter, Google, Yahoo showdown at the San Francisco Jelly along with my thoughts on the features. Eric Jansen from Twitter replied saying these factors are important as well as others. Check out the blog post for more detail on these ideas

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