Jul 112010

Despite of the war between Search Engine Giant (Google Inc) and China Government regarding Internet censorship issues earlier on, China Government has just renewed Google’s Internet licence after Google agree to censor all its search results delivered to its China Google website(www.google.cn).

Google China website

Before this, Google redirected all search results from China to Hong Kong website which was outside the control of China Government. However, Chinese government has warned to permanently forbid Google access to the China and withold the Internet license from operating in China.

Google has to admit that China is a huge market because of its huge populations. Google knew that without a piece of  Internet licence, they cannot operate Google.cn in China and it will cost a big loss to Google’s revenue in the long run.

Therefore, by abiding to China Government laws; Google is able to operate again and share some revenue from China top local search engine – Baidu. Baidu has become the main search engine for China users after Google unable to operate its website a few months ago.


I personally think that China Government has power to forbid the Google hong kong website from operating because Hong Kong is a part of China. It just a matter of time and luckily Google agree to abide Chinese laws; if not, it might be a disaster to Google’s revenue in the long term business.

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