Sep 092010

Google Instant was officially announced in San Francisco on September 8, 2010 by Marissa mayer, Google’s Vice President of search and user experience.

What is Google Instant?

Google Instant Search is the latest Google technology to speed up web searches using Google auto-complete feature. When a user types any letter in the Google search box, a drop-down box will show some popular used search terms and when you continue typing, the search results will change instantly to reflect the changes. Previously, although Google has already provided suggested search queries to all users but the search results are remain the same and not instantly refresh and change. Therefore, the new changes will help users to perform faster searches as the Google search results are instantly reflect to what you are searching for.

Major Difference between Google Instant Search and current Google Search Engine

New Google Instant:

As soon as you type the letter, the search results will refresh and change instantly to reflect the changes. When you point to suggestion term showing in drop-down box, the search results will change instantly as well without hitting Search button.

google instant search results

Current Google Search Engine:

Current Google Search Engine only provides the suggestion search terms but no instant results until you press Google Search button.

google malaysia not showing instant results

Is Google Instant Available Now?

Well, Google Instant only works now in the US and will be rolled out soon to all users around the world. Make sure you are using the following browsers to experience Google Instant:

  • Google Chrome V5/V6
  • Firefox V3
  • Safari V5 for MAC
  • Internet Explorer V8
  • Opera (Sorry, not yet supported by Google Instant)

Google Instant Limitation

For your information, Google Instant does not work if you search Google results from:

  • Google Toolbar
  • Browser Search Box
  • iGoogle
  • Slow Internet connection (automatically disabled by Google Instant)
  • Mobile Phones

If you have disabled the Google Instant at the right of the search box, you are opting to use current Google Search Technology and no instant results will be shown.

disable google instant

Malaysia /International Users Can Try Google Instant Now

Although Google Instant is applicable in US now and yet to roll out in other countries, but you still can experience the latest Google Technology using the below urls:

1) (Google Instant for Malaysia’s User)

2) (For International User)

Final thoughts:

I’m quite impressed with Google Instant Search Results and I think it’s a brilliant way to enhance user’s web searching experience and at the same time to guide internet users finding more relevant results in faster way.

What’s your thought about Google Instant?

  2 Responses to “Google Instant |The Fastest Google Search Result”

  1. cool.. but not used to the page changing by itself.. haha..
    thanks for sharing! =)

    • @Ken: You’re welcome. I kind of liking Google new instant search now. It’s fast and really saving my time to find the result.

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