Nov 102010

Currently, all Online Search Engine websites are only showing text in their search results. Now Google has rolled out Google Instant Preview which will show you the snapshot of the website complete with all the contents of website including text and graphics.

When you click on the Instant Preview snapshot, Google brings you to the site and pop-out box will highlight your search terms in Orange color.

How to Use Google Instant Previews

1)      Go to Google Instant Previews page to activate Instant Previews.

activate google instant previews

2)      After activating the Instant Preview option, your search results will have a small magnifying glass icon next to the search results. Click once will show up the thumbnail of the website. When you move over the mouse to another search results, the Google Instant Previews will generate the preview of the web page.

google instant previews


I personally love the Google Instant Previews function and it provides a better overview of the search results and useful to determine whether you have visited the sites before.  In the near future, Google will roll out Google Instant preview to everyone.  Therefore, your web search experience will be better and faster with the Google Instant and Google Instant Previews.

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