Nov 112009

Search Engine Giant – Google Inc is purchasing AdMob – Mobile Advertising Network for $750 million on November 9, 2009. This important news can be seen at AdMob website. The title “Google to Acquire AdMob” is displaying on top of their main website and if you read on the article, you will notice that AdMob’s CEO – Omar Hamoui, 32 years old is excited about the Google’s decision to buy the AdMob.

Who is ?

AdMob is one of the largest mobile advertising platform who delivers millions of mobile ads across 15,000 sites accessible over mobile phones. The company’s revenue is predicted to be around $45 million to $60 million. AdMob has 140 employees and all of them are planning to join Google head quarter in Mountain View. The purchase is also considering one of the Google’s largest deals.

Why Google Wants To Acquire AdMob ?
1) In my opinion, Google is no doubt the biggest internet advertising network in the world which dominant the advertising market of it’s Google search result. It has generated much revenue each year and Google seems to extend its giant wings in Internet advertising to mobile phones. We know that Google had explored into mobile device business with Google Android operating system and selling ads on cellphones but obviously it did not generate good income because advertisers didn’t like their ads displaying on such a small phone screens.

2) AdMob stands out as one of the first Mobile advertising companies to provide ads that run for Apple Inc’s iPhone and Google Android. AdMob also helps those large advertisers such as Adidas to design the ads by themselves. Google foresees that mobile advertising business will become larger in the future and if they do not take initial action to acquire AdMob, may be other competitor companies such as Microsoft and Yahoo will grab the opportunity to buy AdMob. With AdMob, Google can accelerate its path to conquer the field and be the first to enjoy the huge benefits from Mobile Advertising.


I’m still thinking when will Google plan to acquire Twitter or doing partnership with Twitter ? Let’s wait and see the next deal by Google in the future. What do you think?

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  1. mobile advertising would be the trend in the next few years because of the growth of mobile users..*.

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