Aug 272010

Google Voice is the newest Google product recently released by Google. It’s Google Call Phones from Gmail which enable you to make phone calls around the world.

If you are Gmail user, you will notice that on your left sidebar (Chat section), there’s a Call Phone button showing that you can make any calls to anywhere.

 Gmail call phone

Currently, if you make phone calls in the US and Canada, you will need to pay $0 – Free of charge until the end of the year. Wow!!! US and Canada Gmail users should hurry up to enjoy the Free call service offered by Google to test its ability and functionalities before it starts charge fee.

 gmail free phone calls

Google Gmail Phone Challenges Skype

At the moment, Skype is the biggest internet phone provider which claims to have more than 560 million registered users while 8.1 million were paying customers. I believe with Google Voice attractive rates and easiness to use via Gmail page, more internet users will rush to register for cheaper Google phone calls and at the same time attracts more non-Gmail users to open Gmail account in order to enjoy the facility.

Who will be the winner? Google voice or Skype?

It’s still hard to predict the result yet. However, based on the charges of Google Voice and Skype, people within US and Canada who used Skype will be charged for 2.1 cents per minute or $3 per month for making unlimited calls. Skype users who paid for $14 will be able to make unlimited calls to anyone within 40 countries. As for Google voice, the international calls rates are range from $0.02 per minute to $0.98 based on the countries. Please click here to view the complete list of Google Voice rates.

 google voice rates

Good news for Malaysia Gmail Users

Malaysian Gmail users can now enjoy very attractive Google phone rates per minute. It’s $0.02 USD for normal phone call and $0.04 for Mobile phone.

 malaysia google voice rates

How to make international calls via Google Voice?

Watch the below Google Voice tutorial video and you will find out it’s easy to make the International calls.


Google Voice is an innovative technology which not only shortening human’s distance and also a cost saving method to expand your business. Are you ready to use Google Voice? Try it out now.

  5 Responses to “Google Free Voice calls | Gmail Phone Challenges Skype”

  1. I think the google voice not yet available in Malaysia right?

    Because when i open the page and it’s should me Google Voice not available in your country.

    Tooo Bad, or any way I can use it even i’m in Malaysia

    • @david: You’re right. Google Voice calls not yet open for users outside the US, but are planning to expand their service to additional countries in the future. Now they are still in beta testing within US & Canada.

  2. hhm, i am able to use it in Malaysia, it’s already available

  3. I don’t know, I really don’t like the idea of Google getting involved in my phone calls too. They already have access to my gmail, and all my web surfing stats, as well as tracking me on my Android phone… Anyway, if I was going to use a VoIP service, I’d use MagicJack, since you can use it with a real phone, and it has a whole lot more to offer than either Skype or Google Voice.


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