Aug 062011

Google Dictionary had been closed permanently and is no longer available anymore to the public. If you have been using Google Dictionary all this while, I know you’ll be missing this great Google service. The main reason Google discontinued Google Dictionary is to provide better dictionary experience to all users as Google Dictionary was integrated into Google Web Search. So, now you have two options to find the meaning of words – through Google Web Search or Google Translate.

google dictionary closed

How to use Google Web Search to find definitions?

For example, go to and look up for the meaning of good, just type “define good” in a Google Search bar as shown below and you will see the simple definitions at the top result.

find definition on google web search

Click on “More” link will give you more definitions just the same as you seen on Google Dictionary.

find more definitions in google search

How to use Google Translate to find definitions?

You can also find the meaning of words through Google Translate. You can easily translate the words or sentences to language that you familiar of by typing the words on the Google translate bar on left side and the translation will be appeared immediately on the right side.

google translate


I personally think the move of Google Dictionary into is a brilliant strategy as users can find everything including the definitions on the same page without going to the different domains.

So, do you prefer to find definitions using Google web search or Google Translate or Google Dictionary?

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