Jan 242011

Google Chrome Browser is developed by Google to cater for the needs of users. Google Chrome has added fun features such as Google Chrome themes for free download. When you choose a Google Chrome theme, the theme will appear around the border of the browser and becomes the background of New Tab page.

Google Chrome Themes by Google

Google Chrome team has developed some nice Chrome themes for you to choose. There are Chrome themes developed by various artists around the world and Chrome themes by Google. From the Chrome themes gallery, you will see more than 20 Chrome themes developed by Google team. Please be reminded that these themes are only available for Google Chrome and above. So, if you want to have fun with these nice Chrome themes, make sure you have downloaded the latest Google Chrome Browser here.

 google chrome themes by google

 How to Change Google Chrome Theme for Windows and Mac users

I bet you have found your favorite Chrome theme and would like to change the Chrome default theme. Follow the below steps to easily apply new Google Chrome theme:

1)      Open Google Chrome browser and click the Chrome control panel (screw-driver icon) on top right side browser. For Mac users, if you don’t see the icon, go to the top menu bar and click Chrome.

 google chrome control panel

2)      Select Options for Windows users or Preferences for Mac users.

 google chrome options settings

3)      Click Personal Stuff tab and click Get themes link to go to the Chrome gallery. Otherwise, you can visit Google Chrome theme gallery directly.

 google chrome get themes settings

4)      You can preview Chrome themes by clicking the links or thumbnails. When you find a favorite theme, click Apply theme button.

5)      Click Save to download Chrome theme as a .crx file into your computer.

How to Remove A Google Chrome Theme

If you want to remove the Chrome theme and reset to the default theme, follow the below easy steps:

1)      Follow the above step 1 till step 3

2)      Click Reset to default theme button to restore to original Google Chrome blue theme again.

 reset to google chrome default theme


If you are Google Chrome users, you should utilize Chrome themes feature to enhance Chrome experience and bring more fun to internet browsing.

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