Dec 212010

Google just announced that Free Calling in Gmail extended through 2011. This is a big Christmas gift for Gmail users in US and Canada as they have been enjoying the Free Gmail Calls since August this year.

Why Google Extends Free Gmail Calls till 2011

It is understandable because Google always want to keep their products free and easy to use. Since Google Voice just launched in August this year and still a lot of people in US and Canada haven’t try it yet, thus Google extends the free calls period in the spirit of Christmas season to get more potential customers to try Google Voice via Gmail interface.

I believe this is a win-win situation while Google can get more future satisfy customers after 2011 and people in US and Canada can utilize the free facility to save expensive phone cost.

How to use Free Google Calling in Gmail

1)      Login to your Gmail account. Look for “Call Phone” at your left hand side and click it.

2)      A message will pop-up to ask you install Google Voice plugin. Accept and install it.

Google voice call via Gmail

3)      Dial a number or enter a contact’s name to start calling.


The Google Voice rate to make an international call can be as low as 2 cents a minute for several countries. However, It would be good if the Free Google Voice calling service can be extended to other countries as well in the spirit of Holiday Giving. Click to view a full list of Google Voice Rates.

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  1. THANK YOU! Not to be ungrateful, however, I had always thought it was forever! I hope you do make it permanent within North America. :) I don’t want to see a bait and switch here. To make it a paid service, I believe the quality would have to be much, much higher than what it is now, instead of all the dropouts.

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