Nov 212010

Google Chrome team has created an interactive online book called “20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web” recently to guide anyone who want to know more about basics of web browsers and the web.

20 things i learned about browsers or web

I love the way how they explain about the browsers and web in a short but easy understand sentences. In addition, I find the whole book design is elegant with nice illustrations by famous illustrator – Christoph Niemann.

I don’t feel boring when reading this Google online book but enjoy the read. Thanks to HTML 5, Javascript and CSS3 that contribute to enhance user’s web experience. You can flip the pages, search words or go to the menu easily by a click. Some of the illustrations are animations which can attract and enhance readers’ involvement.

flip to next page feature

Contents of Google Online Book – 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

Chapter 1: What is the Internet?

Chapter 2: Cloud Computing

Chapter 3: Web Apps

Chapter 4: HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more

Chapter 5: HTML 5

Chapter 6: 3D in the Browser

Chapter 7: A Browser Madrigal

Chapter 8: Plug-ins

Chapter 9: Browser Extensions

Chapter 10: Synchronizing the Browser

Chapter 11: Browser Cookies

Chapter 12: Browsers and Privacy

Chapter 13: Malware, Phishing, and Security Risks

Chapter 14: How Modern Browsers Help Protect You from Malware and Phishing

Chapter 15: Using Web Addresses to stay Safe

Chapter 16: IP Addresses and DNS

Chapter 17: Validating Identities Online

Chapter 18: Evolving to a Faster Web

Chapter 19: Open Source and Browsers

Chapter 20: Recap

How to get the Google Online Book

The book is available at and you can either print or download the book in PDF format for free.  The size of the PDF is 3.3 MB.

print book or download pdf


Once again, Google team has created a useful short guide book for everyone and I recommend you to read the book if you want to know more about Browsers and Web. Kindly share your opinion after reading this Google’s Online Book.

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  1. eh this is interestin, im gonna download! :)

  2. Will read it when free. :P

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