Jul 012011

I believe most of the email users have been receiving lots of spam emails including phishing emails every day. Phishing emails are fake spam messages that attempt to fool recipients in order to steal personal information such as username and password. The most common phishing emails being sent to me are fake bank emails that always ask me to login to their system to update the personal data or so on.

Phishing emails are dangerous but it’s hard to prevent as normal email providers do not have efficient email filtering system and recipients are easily getting tricked by these fake emails. I’m a Gmail user and I have to click on “show details” link to view the sender’s email address to determine the originality of the emails. Now, Gmail will automatically display important details of sender such as the origin of messages in order to give recipients more useful information and alert them before opening the email.

When you receive an email from somebody not in your Gmail contacts, the header will show sender’s email address as below:

gmail display sender email address

Whenever you receive emails via third party server or you receive a newsletter from Money4Invest.com which is using feedburner, Gmail will show the message as below:

gmail show sender name

Gmail will also automatically determine the suspicious emails and display a warning when someone may have spoofed a Gmail address like below and if you think the email is a phishing trial, click Report phishing link to report it to Gmail.

gmail display warning


Learn to avoid phishing scams and protect yourself from getting tricked by phishing emails and I hope everyone will be more careful before opening any suspicious emails. Thanks to Gmail too for helping users to battle with phishing emails.

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