Jan 312011

Gmail Labs has lots of useful features which will enhance the functionality of Gmail and bring better Email experience for Gmail users. Today I would like to highlight about Undo Send Gmail labs feature for Gmail.

Undo Send Gmail feature

Most of the people are using Email to communicate with other people either personal or business dealing. Therefore, it is very shameful if you sending a wrong email message or forget to attach an attachment especially for an important event. It will cause a lot of inconvenience to both of recipient and sender and sometimes the misunderstanding happens because of this kind of hassle.

Since the Email is important to you, Gmail labs has created Undo Send feature just for Gmail users. When you send an email and notice a mistake or regret to send it out within 5 to 30 seconds, you still able to recall back the email and prevent the unnecessary hassle.

Turn on Undo Send in Gmail Labs setting:

Step 1: Go to Gmail Labs setting and find Undo Send feature. Select Enable radio button to activate the feature.

gmaill labs undo send

Step 2: Now head over to Gmail general settings and you will notice Undo Send has been enabled. You can set the Send cancellation period within 5 seconds till 30 seconds. Once set the period, click Save Changes button to apply the new changes.

enable undo send period

I try to send a testing email and I notice the new “Undo” link on every sent mail. Since I set the cancellation period to 30 seconds, thus the Undo link will only disappear after 30 seconds. It gives me more time to retrieve back the sent email if I wanted to.

undo send link

What happened if you click Undo link?

When I click the Undo link, my sent email has been grabbed back successfully by Undo Send feature and it goes back to the initial compose content with the notification “Sending has been undone

gmail sending has been undone


I love this Undo Send Gmail Labs feature because it really saves my time and efforts to convince back my customers because of wrong emails which causing unnecessary inconvenience to both parties.

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