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Funnywow is a free online photo editor which allows you to add funny photo effects to your images without installing any software to your PC.

funnywow photo effects

Funnywow.com provides free service to any online users without requiring them to register to the site. It provides more than 140+ funny templates for you to choose and many new effects are added every week to ensure users have fun with their photos.

How to Create Funny Photos using Funnywow?

Funnywow can create funny photos easily within 4 simple steps. Basically, you just choose any effect from its templates and upload your photo. Then, adjust and crop the display zone of photo and click the button to view the final result.

Step 1: Select an effect from the huge list of templates.

Select a favorite funny template

Step 2: Upload your photo (friend’s photo) from PC. The image should be in JPG, PNG, JPEG or GIF format and not exceed 8MB.

Upload your photo

Step 3: Adjust the display zone of your photo by drag and re-size the rectangle. Once done, press button “Go! View the final result”.

Adjust the photo size

Step 4: View the result and save the photo to your computer. If you are not satisfied with the result effect, click button “Amend display zone” on the top right area to adjust the photo display zone.

funnywow result effect

Funnywow Photo Gallery

I believe you will enjoy playing around with Funnywow.com as you can turn your own normal photo into funny or cool photo effects within a few clicks. Below are some funny celebrity photos created using Funnywow templates. Enjoy!

Dollar photo effect (featured by Simon Cowell)

funnywow dollar effect

Avatar photo effect (featured by Keanu Reeves & Cameron Diaz)

funnywow avatar effects

funnywow avatar

Halloween effect (featured by Jennifer Lopez & Madonna)

funnywow halloween effect

funnywow halloween photo

Paper billboard effect (featured by Katy Perry)

funnywow paper billboard effect

Hancock effect (featured by Will Smith)

funnywow hancock effect

Paris Hilton effect (featured by Miley Cyrus)

funnywow paris hilton

Slam dunk effect (featured by Megan Fox)

funnywow slam dunk effect

Superman effect (featured by Kristen Stewart)

funnywow superman effect

Eye effect (featured by Avril Lavine)

funnywow eye effect

  8 Responses to “Funnywow Creates Funny Photo Effects”

  1. Very creative! I like the Eye effect. :)

  2. So creative! I love superman!!

  3. I love the photos you have here and for me, they are awesome!!

  4. Great! I’d to visit the site and do my own celebrity funny pix there. Thank you for sharing the link.

  5. Very nice using a Photoshop software. so beautiful and creative. Thanks for sharing. | :P

  6. Pretty designs.. Love to apply them with my picture.. Thanks for this tips!

  7. I really enjoyed editing pictures.. Love to try them all!

  8. Editing picture on Funnywow sure is fun.. I will surely try them all! :)

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