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When is Thanksgiving Day in 2010, 2011?

Thanksgiving Day in 2010 falls on November 25 (Thursday) for US. However, Thanksgiving Day for Canada in 2010 was on October 11. Therefore, It is not hard to remember the Thanksgiving Day for USA and Canada because US always celebrates Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday in the month of November while Canada celebrates Thanksgiving Day on the second Monday in the month of October every year.

Thanksgiving Day in 2010 (USA) – November 25

Thanksgiving Day in 2010 (Canada) – October 11

Thanksgiving Day in 2011 (USA) – November 24

Thanksgiving Day in 2011 (Canada) – October 10

Meaning of Thanksgiving


image by BPHaines

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful holiday when all the family members can eat dinner together and give thanks to the mighty God for everything that they owned throughout the year.

Parent should teach their kids about Thanksgiving by telling them how to gratitude and appreciate all the blessings of the year. Let them know that there is someone less fortunate out there and donate some money or food to them. Give the real example to your kids by inviting those unfortunate neighbors to your home for Thanksgiving dinner.

If you want to know about the origin of Thanksgiving Day, kindly refer to Wikipedia’s explanation here.

Free Download Funny Thanksgiving Graphics and Thanksgiving Pictures

There are some beautiful funny Thanksgiving arts and graphics available for free downloading at I have selected a few funny Thanksgiving pictures for your reference and wish you have a Happy Thanksgiving Day 2010.

1) Thanksgiving Cartoon Turkey


Download Thanksgiving Cartoon Turkey

2) Happy Thanksgiving Dinner with Supersonic


Download Happy Thanksgiving Dinner with Supersonic

3) Thanksgiving dinner with Batman Family


Download Thanksgiving dinner with Batman family

4) Thanksgiving Day Picture


Download Thanksgiving Day Picture

5) Thanksgiving Cartoon


Download Thanksgiving cartoon

6) Happy Thanksgiving cartoon


Download Happy Thanksgiving Cartoon

7)      Funny Thanksgiving Turkey


Download Funny Thanksgiving Turkey

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