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Google Instant is a new search technology provided by Google last September. Google instant will predict the search terms that user typed and showing the relevant results in a second. The real-time search results are useful to most internet users as it saves our time and effort to find search results. If you are still not sure what is Google Instant, then you need to read our previous Google Instant post to understand the basic theory of Google Instant.

Funny Google Suggestions

Funny Google Suggestions

Do you play around with Google Search Keyword Suggestion feature? I want to test how smart of Google keyword suggestion when you type the words on Google Search Engine. Below are some funny Google Suggestions that I got. I had highlighted the funny Google Suggestions for your easy reference. The search terms that I used were “How To”, “I want” and “I did”. Please refer to the below screenshots.

Google Keyword Suggestion – How To

google how to suggestion

Google Keyword Suggestion – I want

Google Keyword Suggestion - I want

Google Keyword Suggestion – I did

google i did keyword suggestion


Google Keyword Suggestion is actually good and useful most of the times to all internet users as it eliminates time wasted to type the whole search terms on Google search engine. Do you find any funny Google Keyword Suggestion from Google search engine? kindly share with us by leaving the comments.

  2 Responses to “Funny Google Suggestions | Fun Google Keyword Suggestion”

  1. hahaha nice one! thanks for sharing.

  2. I lol’ed at “how to train your dragon” hahaha

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