Jul 192010

Pho.to is an online Photo Enhancement and Presentation Platform which can enhance your photos in many way for free. I love the free photo enhancement software because I can use it very easily without learning PhotoShop software and share my photos online easily as well.

Pho.to or Photo Editor Enhancement website offers various free automatic online Photo retouching services, Online Makeup Photos, Online Enhance Photos, generate funny photos, cartoon photos and avatar photos.

Download Free Photo Enhancement Software

I’m a fan of free software especially photo enhancement freeware, today I will guide you where and how to download free Photo Editor Enhancement software and install it to your PC for future use. One good thing of installing free photo editor software in local hard disk is you can always do the photo enhancement task anytime without online. Don’t worry about the speed of internet connection and you still can generate professional photos as you wish.

Overview of Free Photo! Editor software:

The basic system requirements to install Photo Editor software are as below:

Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7

Computer memory: 512MB or more

Photo! Editor is a very powerful image editing software which offering some special enhancement tools such as Instant Red Eye Remover function, Photo color enhancement, make funny caricatures function, add lighting effects, crop images, Denoise tool to remove luminance and color noise, retouching filters and Deblur tool.  If you prefer to use the online Photo!Editor to enhance your photos, you can try Online Photo Editor which have the same functions with Photo Editor software except some special features such as lighting effects and enhance color tool.

Simple Steps To Download Free Photo Editor Software:

1)      Browse to  Photo Editor Website to download Photo Enhancement (Photo! Editor) software. Click Download Free button to continue download Photo! Editor.

Photo Editor Installer

2)      Double-click the Photo Editor Setup installer and you will see Photo Editor Setup Wizard. Click Next button to continue.

Install Photo Editor Wizard

3)      Select I accept the agreement option and press Next button.

Accept Photo Editor License

4)      Select Destination Location popup appear, just press Next button to continue unless you want to change the destination location.

Photo Editor Location

5)      Install Now

Ready To install Photo Editor

6)      The installer will automatically ticked Create a desktop icon option.  Press Next to continue.

Photo Editor Desktop Icon

7)      Press Finish button and Launch Photo Editor now

Launch Photo Editor

8)      Welcome to Photo Editor platform layout. It’s time to enhance your photos.

Photo Editor Program

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