Apr 082012

Want to have fun with your favorite Celebrity’s photo? There’s an online photo warp tool that can easily turn the celebrity’s face into funny face. This awesome celebrity warping tool is called “Celebrity Photo Warp”. There are total 12 famous celebrities that available for warping at the moment. Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and many more celebrities.

Read and follow the below simple instruction to get started warping the celebrities!

Step1: Browse to Celebrity Photo Warp website. Then click on your favorite celebrity.

Celebrity photo warp

Step2: Hold down your PC mouse button and drag mouse from anywhere within the celebrity image.

Warp celebrity face

Step3: When you released the mouse button, the celebrity face will either stretch or shrink based on your mouse movement. You can click the Undo button if you want to go back to the previous movement or click Reset button to recover to original image.

Celebrity photo warp result

Celebrity Photo Warp Gallery

Look at some example of funny celebrity faces that we’ve made.

1)      Jennifer Aniston

Funny jennifer aniston photo

2)      Angelina Jolie

Funny angelina jolie photo

3)      Brat Pitt

Funny brad pitt photo

4)      Britney Spears

Funny britney spears photo


We have so much fun when warping these celebrities’ images. So, if you want to try warping your favorite celebrity’s face, click the below link to access Celebrity Photo Ward online tool.

Celebrity Photo Ward

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