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A big thanks to picturecollagesoftware.com of PearlMountainSoft for sponsoring 20 copies free licenses keys of Picture Collage Maker Pro to Money4Invest readers. Each copy of Picture Collage Maker Pro is worth $39.90 and you can get it for Free here.

free giveaway picture collage maker pro

What is Picture Collage Maker

Picture Collage Maker is a photo collage program which can generate normal photos or pictures into amazing pieces of unique photo collages to share with other people and transform your pictures into creative and attractive ones. Just choose from hundreds of pre-designed scrapbook and photo collage templates to produce your unique photo collage. Picture Collage Maker is an award winning Photo Collage program which has been featured at Softpedia, Softonic and Download.com.

Picture Collage Maker layout

Once you have Picture Collage Maker program, you do not need any photo scrapbook software, calendar maker or Greeting cards generator because this powerful collage generator can perform all these tasks for you.

What is a Collage?

A collage is originated from French word coller which means to glue objects and creating a new art. Collage can be anything includes ribbons, paper, photographs, glass or anything that can be found around. Example of a collage is a handmade card and hand painting.

Picture Collage Maker Features:

1)      There are hundreds of photo collage templates to be selected from library includes photo layouts and backgrounds

2)      Personalize your photo collage with your own digital photos. You can simple resize, adjust hue, brightness or applying effects to your photos.

3)      Decorate photo collage with frames, masks, text and clipart. Picture Collage Maker has provided lots of nice photo frames to be added to your photos.

4)      Easy to use Picture Collage Maker by using collage wizard feature. Although it is already easy to use in the first place but with the help of Picture Maker wizard, even your younger children will find it interesting.

5)      Print or email your created photo collage to your friends or family. You can save the finished photo collage as jpeg file or turn into a template to be used in the future.

6)      All-in-one digital collaging tools. Picture Collage Maker can create Calendar, Scrapbook and Greeting Card with just a few clicks.

How to Make a Photo Collage with Picture Collage Maker

Step 1: Install and launch the program, choose either Create Blank Collage, Template Collage Wizard, Create from Template or Grid Collage Wizard. For first time, I recommend you to try the wizard option to get an idea of what and how this program works.

picture collage maker create new collage page

Step2: Upload your photos and choose the template you like and press Next button to continue.

select template category

Step3: Now you can preview the collage photo you have created and you will see save as picture button, send via email button and set it as wallpaper button. Click them if you think everything is fine. Or else, click Finish button to apply other effects or frames to the photos. In the end, you can right-click on the project to save a JPEG or send to friends via email.

photo collage preview

right click photo collage

Free Giveaway – Picture Collage Maker Pro

As I mentioned just now, PearlMountainSoft is generously giving away 20 copies of full licenses Picture Collage Maker Pro for Money4Invest.com readers. To be entitled for this giveaway, simply follow the rules listed to win the Picture Collage Maker Pro.

1)      Subscribe to our blog updates via email.

2)      “Like” us on Facebook

3)      Drop a comment with valid email address to let me know that you want to join this giveaway.

Please include “I am subscribed”, “I retweeted the post”, “Liked the Facebook” in your comments and we will count them as additional entries.

20 lucky readers who leave their comments (follow the rules above) will get a copy of Picture Collage Maker Pro and I will send the license code to your email. Good luck.

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  3. @chung@malkhaz: Thank you for the comment. I have sent out the license code to both of you. Kindly check and enjoy the software.

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