Feb 222011

People nowadays have too many passwords to remember and from time to time, we find it’s difficult for us to remember all the passwords such as Internet banking password, Email password, Web application passwords and many others. If you are looking for a good and reliable password management software, try Password Depot 4 now for free.

Password Depot 4 is giving away the 20,000 free limited license copies worth RRP 29 till stocks last. Password Depot  is an award winning software where it saves all your passwords in a virtual safe and logs itself to your desired WebPages or programs when you required to access them.

Features of Password Depot:

  • User-friendly interface for comfortable password management for e.g. Internet, online banking, shopping portals etc
  • Maximum protection of sensitive data thanks to Rijndael 256-Bit algorithm encryption
  • Create virtually uncrackable passwords using the Password Generator
  • AutoComplete function for automatic entry of passwords in respective website fields
  • Network capable – for cooperative use of workspace and local network
  • Optional storage of password data on an FTP server for mobile password use
  • Password Import/Export from/to Password Managers
  • Synchronisation of password data: Fast allocation in two files
  • Password quality check
  • Password History: Older versions of passwords are stored
  • Encrypt external data using Password Depot to protect 3rd party data access
  • Complete deletion of external files to prevent “leaving tracks” on PC(s) used

Free License Key of Password Depot 4:


System Requirements:

It supports Windows 98, ME, NT4, XP, 2003, Vista(32bits) and Windows 7. The size of Password Depot installer is around 5.36MB.

Steps to Install Password Depot software:

1)      Download Password Depot installer and free license key from here.

password depot 4 setup

2)      Choose between English, German, French or Spanish language during installation.

password depot 4 unlock code

3)      Insert the License key as given to unlock the code.

password depot software

4)      Installation successful and welcome to Password Depot. Now create a new password file.

new password file

5)      Create a Master password so next time you just need to remember Master password to access all other passwords. Do not forget Master password as there is no way to retrieve back from system.

my password on password depot 4

6)      Add new password items as many as you want. Should you want to have bring the saved passwords with you via thumb drive, Password Depot is able to install on your USB flash drive.


Hurry up to download Password Depot Free License edition from Softwareload website and you are freely use the software as long as you need it. Enjoy.

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