Mar 102011

Nowadays, a lot of mobile devices are using Google Android Operating System such as smart phones, Apad tablet (iPad Alternative), HTC and others mobile phones. Google Android system is capable to transform these mobile phones into PC. It can perform most of the tasks just like our normal PC, play games, listen to music and browse internet.

Therefore, mobile security is an important measure to protect your android devices from malicious malware and viruses. AVG has released Antivirus for Android or Free Mobile Antivirus for all android devices.

Features of Free AVG Android Antivirus


–          Scan whole device and identify and remove viruses with a simple click

–          Automatic scans can be run weekly, daily or on demand

–          Check apps for malware before downloading from app stores

–          Check website content, emails and SMS for malware before downloading to device

Theft Protection

–          Locate lost or stolen device using GPS

–          Create and display message on screen remotely

–          Lock device and wipe content

–          Manage applications remotely

SMS Spam Protection

–          basic protection from SMS spammers

Antivirus for Apad iRobot

For other android device users, you can download AVG Android Free Antivirus from Google Android market. Apad iRobot users can launch the Google Android App icon on Apad desktop.

apad google apps market

AVG antivirus 2.1 is a cloud based security solution that able to detect malware in real-time scanning.

apad android antivirus app

Before downloading the Free AVG android Antivirus, you can read the comments by other users to find out whether it’s worth to use it or not. Based on the comments feedback, almost all the users are satisfy with this AVG android antivirus.

android antivirus comments

How to Install Free AVG Android Antivirus on Apad iRobot

Click Download button as shown below and you will see a popup asking for email and password. Then click Yes to begin download and install the app.

download and install android antivirus

Once installed, you will see the first page of Free AVG Antivirus as below. Click Accept button once you agree with the mobile terms of service.

droid security antivirus

Touch screen to start scan for viruses or click the menu to configure the Antivirus settings.

avg android antivirus

The scanning is in progress now. You can click the screen to cancel the scanning. The scanning timeline will depend to how much apps and size of contents. More contents mean more time will be taken to scan. You can also buy AVG Antivirus Pro for better support and free of advertising at $ 9.99.

antivirus scan progress

AVG Android antivirus just taken around 20 seconds to scan whole Apad contents including apps, settings and media. The scan result will tell you whether your device is clean or affected by suspicious item.

antivirus scan results

scan result for apad settings

Free AVG Android Antivirus will suggest how to fix the suspicious item found in your device. You can click Ignore or Fix button to continue.

fix suspicious item


AVG Free Antivirus for Android is a wonderful app designed to protect your Android devices. You can download and read more information about AVG Antivirus for Android from AVG website.

  3 Responses to “Free AVG Antivirus for Android | Apad iRobot Antivirus”

  1. I don’t like virus. Sometimes, I prefer Apple closed market method. Every application needs to go pass Apple. So no virus on Mac. :)

    • @Jayce: I hate virus too. :) Apple’s method is great but lots of Android apps are free of charge. Just hoping the Free Android Antivirus is strong enough to prevent the viruses…

  2. Hi Lee….this is nice post and so helped me to focused only mobile antivirus, because I’ve new android phone and i’m looking antivirus for my phone. Thanks for your sharing and good luck :d

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