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Recently, besides watching Heroes Season 4, my brother introduced me a new science fiction series by ABC called Flash Forward. I just watched the Season 1 Episode 1 and can’t stop to watch the next episode. Below is the Flash Forward synopsis and if you haven’t watch the series yet, please don’t read the below synopsis as it’s considering as a spoiler. If you have watched the Flash Forward Episode 1 – No More Good Days, please proceed to read on and share your opinion with me.


Flash Forward Season 1 Episode 1 – No More Good Days

Mark Benford, an FBI Agent wakes up, crawling out from his SUV. He is lightly injured in an accident. But to his surprise people are panicking around him, screaming while wrecked cars are everywhere.

Time flashes back to 4 hours earlier. Mark wakes up, greets his wife, Olivia and prepares breakfast for his daughter, Charlie. Later he manages to meet with the babysitter, Nicole before leaving for work. Olivia is a surgeon. She seems upset when unable to reach her colleague, Bryce, who is actually planning for a suicide at the pier.

Mark goes to AA meeting. His sponsor, Aaron is talking about how he has become an alcoholic after his daughter, Tracy was killed in Afghanistan years ago. After the session, Mark encourages Aaron to start life new and go on a date. Aaron shrugs and leaves for his duties.

Mark then meets up with his partner, Demetri and both go on a stakeout – 3 suspected terrorists – Khalid, Omar and an unidentified Caucasian woman. Demetri talks about how he dislikes the wedding song picked by Zoe, his fiancée. The conversation ends when they’re on the pursuit for the terrorists’ black SUV on a busy highway.

At the very same time, Bryce is pointing the gun at his throat, ready to pull the trigger; Charlie is on the bed while Nicole is making out with her boyfriend in the living room; Aaron is climbing up the pole for some maintenance work; Olivia is getting ready for the operation on her patient.

As Mark is closing up to the terrorists, suddenly a vision comes in: He’s at the office, working on a board with loads of information of names, photographs etc. Mark is seen wearing a colorful bracelet. Suddenly, two armed men come in and search for Mark as he hides from them.


Mark awakes from the vision and the situation is exactly how the story starts earlier, with the chaotic traffic around him, explosion from nearby truck, helicopter smashes into the skyscraper, communication down… Everyone is waking up and starts talking about the visions they had for 2 minutes 17 seconds, exactly 6 months from now on 29th April, 2010. After detaining the female suspect from the black SUV, Mark checks around and finally reaches Olivia on the phone. She then meets with an injured boy, Ryan who calls her by name. Olivia is surprised but continues her job to save the boy.

After meeting with their superior, Stan and more confirmation on the date everyone is seeing in the vision, Mark, Demetri  and Janis are ordered to work on the Mosaic case – discovering the reason for the blackout. Demetri tells Mark he worries about being dead since he sees nothing during his unconsciousness.

Bryce tells Olivia he is glad that his vision tells him he’s well and alive in future. Olivia on the other hand is upset for she sees herself with another man instead of Mark. As of Aaron, his vision shows that Tracy is still alive!

At home, Mark and Olivia talk about the flashbacks. Mark does not come clean about him seeing himself drinking again in future since Olivia had once made clear that if he starts drinking again she’ll leave him. Olivia is reluctant but later confesses about her vision. We then find out the guy in Olivia’s vision is actually Ryan’s father! Later Charlie gives Mark the friendship band that looks exactly like the one he has on 6 months later. Mark begins to worry about the visions coming true.


At the office, Janis, who sees herself pregnant in the future, shows Demetri a shocking revelation from one of the surveillance cameras in Detroit: A man is seeing walking in the stadium while everyone around the world is passed out!

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  1. FlashForward episode 12 rockss I’m happy that ABC began the production of episodes again

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