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After Internet Explorer 9 browser launched in the first 24 hours, it was being downloaded about 2.35 million and this records had been easily surpassed by Firefox 4 browser which released on Tuesday (22 March 2011). The total number of Firefox 4 was downloaded nearly 7 million times worldwide in the first 24 hours and the download stats of Firefox 4 browser has achieved over 13 million times based on Firefox 4 Download Stats site

firefox 4 download stats

Why Firefox 4 Browser Attracts More Users to Download

The only major reason that can explain about this fact is because Internet Explorer 9 does not support Windows XP and Windows 2000 while Firefox 4 Browser is continuing to support Windows XP.

Latest Browser Market Share Stats

According to NetMarketShare Browser Market Share stats, Internet Explorer browser is still the overall champion at 56.77 percent while the second place – Firefox browser gained 21.74 percent market share. Google Chrome browser is sitting on third place with 10.93 percent worldwide market share.

Browser Market Share

February, 2011

browser market share

Browser Total Market Share
Microsoft Internet Explorer 56.77%
Firefox 21.74%
Chrome 10.93%
Safari 6.36%
Opera 2.15%
Opera Mini 1.12%
Netscape 0.71%
Konqueror 0.05%
Flock 0.05%
ACCESS NetFront 0.04%
Mozilla 0.03%
Playstation 0.02%
Obigo 0.01%
Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer 0.00%
Danger Web Browser 0.00%
Blazer 0.00%
WebTV 0.00%
BlackBerry 0.00%
Lotus Notes 0.00%
ANT Galio 0.00%
iCab 0.00%
MaxThon 0.00%

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