Aug 292010

Tiger Airways is Singapore’s biggest low cost airline and there are lots of cheap airline tickets offered by TigerAirways.  However, it’s always headache to find for cheaper air tickets via its website because you can only view at maximum 3 days flight fares.  If you want to find for next 5 days flight fare, you have to click Next Date link to proceed to next schedules (3 days also). Please see the example below:

tiger airways flight fare

By the time you find the cheapest air tickets, may be it’s too late to get it. Therefore, helps Tiger Airways customers to find cheap flight for next 15 days with a single search. The concept of Tiger Airways Plus is good because it saves customers time to find for cheap air tickets and view all 15 days flight fares on one screen. I personally find it very convenient and easy to use.


How to use Tiger Airways Plus to find for low price flights?

Thanks to TigerAirwaysPlus user friendly website layout. You just select the departure date, from location and the destination that you want. Then press Search Tiger Airways Flights button to continue.  See the below result:

tiger airways plus search result

After you have decided the flight fares and departure date at TigerAirWaysPlus, go ahead to book the Tiger Airways tickets on Tiger Airways Online booking and you will get the same good deal. The search results provided by are totally the same with Tiger Airways booking website.  Besides, you can find the cheapest AirAsia tickets at as well.

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