Jan 102011

Can you believe that Facebook – The World Largest Social Network Website will be shut down on 15 March, 2010. Personally I don’t believe this kind of rumour because it does not officially announce by Facebook representatives. However, according to Weekly World News, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be shut down in March. Managing the site has become too stressful.

facebook shut down rumour

On the other hand, Mashable had received the official confirmation from Facebook Director of Corporate Communications Larry Yu that the rumour is false. He mentioned that this is really silly and they did not get any memo of shutting down and there’s lot to do.

Would Facebook Shut down the company?

People nowadays are easily believing to hoax even we are in the modern era. We called ourselves smart tech users but still we believe in this unrelated rumour. Do you really think that Facebook CEO will close down his billion money making empire? The answer is a big NO. For your information, Facebook has just gotten another US$500 million investment from Goldman Sachs and Russia’s Digital Sky Technologies and the Facebook company value is rising to US$50 billion.

What if Facebook Really Shutting Down?

Ok. Let’s assume if Facebook has decided to shut down their service in the future, what will happen?

1)      More than 500 million Facebook users worldwide will be mad at Facebook because they lost the contacts of their friends, family members and business partner’s contacts…Also, they miss the CityVille and FarmVille very much.

2)      Other Social Networking site such as MySpace and Friendster will be very happy because they do not need to compete with the most powerful enemy again.

3)      Some people might not know what to do while online because they used to spend a few hours everyday on Facebook to connect with friends or play Facebook games.

4)      Google is happy too because Facebook is No 1 enemy to Google. All media mass are comparing Google and Facebook. Without Facebook, Google will still dominating the Internet World.

5)      New social networking sites that imitate Facebook’s features will appear soon to fill the big gaps left by Facebook.


In my opinion, Facebook will not close as mentioned in the rumour but will become stronger and bigger in the future. Everyone should spread the genuine news but don’t spread the rumors that are not true and without confirming the real source.

  4 Responses to “Facebook Will Not Shutting Down on March 15”

  1. It won’t be shut down obviously, people will just believe anything posted on the web.

    • @Ariff Suffian: Yup! Facebook will be here because many people still need it. Without people’s support, Facebook is going to lose the battle.

  2. cant believe why people would actually fall for that.. lol..

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