Sep 202010

Facebook is the famous social networking website in the world and the second most visited website in the world after Therefore, it’s not hard to foresee more and more phishing emails and spam emails received by most of the internet users.

A few days ago, I received a Facebook notification email as shown below.

facebook fake notifications

I opened the email and the email said that I haven’t been back to Facebook recently. In fact, I go to Facebook everyday and that message makes me felt strange and suspicious. Other than that, all the email content design and layout were almost similar with real Facebook email notification. After looking at the email again, I can confirm that this email was a Facebook Phishing mail.

fake facebook notification pending

How to Prevent Phishing Email?

It’s very difficult to stop Phishing emails and spam emails because these spammers will find the new methods to send junk emails to your inbox. Here I would like to give some hints to prevent Phishing emails.

1)      I am quite happy with my free email provider (Gmail) that always helps me to filter the spam emails and Phishing emails. Although it’s not 100% accuracy but at least it raised my attention to carefully read the suspicious spam email before clicking any email links. For example, this fake Facebook Phishing Email also caught in Gmail’s spam inbox.

2)      As mentioned in my earlier post regarding how to prevent spam mail, I strongly advise everyone to copy and paste some contents of suspicious email in Google Search Engine and double check if there were any similar related spam emails circulated among internet. For example, I searched fake facebook phishing email through Google and I found this useful article described about Phishing Spam Waves Using Facebook as Bait.

3)      The easiest way to detect whether the email is phishing email or not is to recognize the header of sender address. Click the show details link if you are using Gmail and you will notice that the sender address is originated from update+… (fake email address) and not notification+… (real email address).

Fake headers Real headers
Received: from [] ([])
by (envelope-from <>)
Received: from [] ([])
by (envelope-from <>)

Refer to the below screen-shot below.

fake facebook email address


The Phishing emails or spam emails are crazily attacked everyone’s mailbox and I hope everyone is carefully filter and scan through these emails before action on it. Tell your friends about this fake facebook notification email so they will be alerted and not falling into the Phishing Scam.

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