Jul 272011

British Newspaper The Guardian had published top 100 most powerful media personalities 2011 in UK. According to MediaGuardian100, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg topped the most powerful figures this year beating other famous tech persons such as Steve Jobs and Larry Page. Last year, Zuckerberg was ranked at number 7 spot in the same list.

100 top most powerful media list 2011

For your info, Zuckerberg was also named as Time’s Person of the Year for 2010. No doubt, Facebook is the most visited social networking website in the world and its revenue for 2011 expected to be $4 billion. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was ranked at second position after Zuckerberg thanks to the success of Twitter. Google CEO, Larry Page ranked third in the list while Apple CEO, Steve Jobs ranked at number 4 position.

2011 Top 10 Most Powerful People in the UK Media

Ranking Name Position Age 2010 Ranking
1 Mark Zuckerberg Founder, CEO, Facebook 27 7
2 Jack Dorsey Executive chairman, Twitter 34 New entry
3 Larry Page CEO, Google 38 2
4 Mark Thompson Director general, BBC 53 3
5 Steve Jobs Co-founder, chairman, Apple 56 1
6 Rupert Murdoch Chairman & CEO, News Corporation 80 4
7 Paul Dacre Editor, Daily Mail 62 13
8 Sir Martin Sorrell Group chief executive, WPP 66 11
9 Simon Cowell TV producer, presenter 51 6
10 Lord Justice Leveson High court judge 62 New entry

To view the full list of top 100 powerful media figure, kindly visit the MediaGuardian 100 website.

  4 Responses to “Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg – Top Most powerful people in UK media”

  1. To be honest, I am not familiar with those people..

  2. Simon Cowell, Paul Dacre, Rupert Murdoch – that list proves that power has nothing to do with being likable!

  3. Congratulations to those who are included in the list…I think they really deserve it…

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