Sep 152010

One of the great online funny face photo effects provided by FunPhotoBox is Face in hole. The meaning of Face in hole is to put your face on a funny photo template to create funny photo effects.


There are more than 50 beautiful photo templates for you to choose.  Some photo templates are originated from famous movies such as SuperMan, Avatar, Rambo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight and Cartoon as well.

How to play with Fun Photo Box (Face in Hole)

1)      It’s quite simple and straight forward. Just select the fun photo template and upload your face image. FunPhotoBox will automatically help you to generate a funny face photo effect.

upload photo from disk

2)      Since every image that we uploaded may have different face position and eyes position. Faceinhole will ask you to adjust the eye icons to match your image eyes. Drag using the mouse to the eyes position. Once done, press Continue button to continue.

place the eye icon on the eyes

3)      The new fun photo image will be generated within a few seconds and you are able to adjust the face position in a hole if you want. You can easily rotate the face according to the green dot lines. Once satisfying with the photo, press Go button to view the final result.

adjust face position in a hole


4)      You can choose to save the picture in local disk, publish & share with friends via Facebook or select another fun photo effects.

save fun photo to disk

FunPhotoBox Face in Hole Gallery

I’ve created some funny photo effects using Fun Photo Box –Face In Hole feature and I hope you enjoy it.


FunPhotoBox_funny effect

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  1. That is hilarious. I would want to give it a try.

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