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JPA – Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam or Public Service Department (PSD) will offer 1500 scholarships to best SPM students under Overseas undergraduate scholarship programs. The total sponsorship fund will be RM1.24 billion and the main objective is to create quality human capital for our country in the future. According to Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, JPA scholarship programs will focus on medical, dentistry, pharmacy and engineering courses and the sponsorship distribution will be based on 4 major categories such as population (60%), academic excellence (20%), Bumiputra of Sabah and Sarawak (10%) and the socially-disadvantaged (10%).

Official JPA Website
As you know, the seats for JPA scholarship are limited and there were around 18,884 applicants who applied for these popular professional courses. Therefore, the selected 1500 JPA scholarships candidates are considering themselves lucky enough to stand out of crowd because the chances to get the JPA scholars is around 8%. If you are one of the JPA scholarship holders, the period of working with Malaysia Government are depending to which courses you applied. Below is the table to highlight the years of service with Malaysia Government after graduated.

JPA Service Period
How To Know JPA List and JPA scholarship Results?

1) Go to JPA Malaysia Website , click on pelajar/tajaan tab menu and select Portal – esila button to access ESILA JPA website.  Please refer to the below screenshot.

Portal ESILA JPAESILA - Portal

2) Then scroll down the website to Semakan Keputusan section to check whether you are selected to join JPA Interview for JPA scholarship as shown in the screen shot below.

JPA Interview Status News

3) Fill in your MyKad number and the password, you should see the status of JPA Interview. Good luck and wish you success in the future.

Interview JPA Status 2010

I hope you have read the common FAQ of JPA scholarship before you applied for it. If not yet, you can download the JPA common FAQ from their main website.


Year of Service (Years)











  19 Responses to “Esila JPA, JPA Interview Status, JPA Scholarship 2010 Result”

  1. it is amazing on how the interent improves our lives.
    .-= paul | entertainment tonight´s last blog ..Rachelle Ann Go goes back to Kapuso network =-.

  2. when is jpa scholarship for local application wil cum out?

  3. @rupini manoharan: Based on last year’s JPA result announcement date which was on 8th May,2009 I guess this year’s JPA result will be in MAY too. Do check JPA website frequently :)

  4. lol… when i went to interview. they said that result will be posted on 12tg april. i wait until my neck oso long liao.

  5. @catherine: Hopefully this year result will be revealed sooner than last year so you will not wait for too long. :)

  6. sy pljr tahun dua DIPLOMA,blehkh sy mmhon pidn IJAZAH

  7. @basir: Below are some requirements to apply for PIDN.
    Syarat-syarat asas permohonan
    (i) Warganegara Malaysia;
    (ii) Umur tidak melebihi 25 tahun pada atau sebelum 1 Januari 2010; dan
    (iii) Telah menerima surat tawaran kemasukan ke tahun pertama pengajian (bagi kemasukan Semester November/ Disember Sesi 2009/ 2010 atau Semester Jun/Julai/Ogos Sesi 2010/ 2011) dari mana-mana IPTA (kecuali UPSI) dan (UNITEN, MMU dan UTP).

    For more details, please refer to http://esilav2.jpa.gov.my/documents/pidn/FAQ_PIDN_2010.pdf

  8. when the local scholarship result cum out?

  9. @Xie Qin: DO you mean PIDN?(Program Ijazah Dalam Negara. The result is available via Esila homepage )

  10. is the PIDN result for 2010 is out?

  11. ade x rayuan untuk pmohonan y dtolak bg pidn?

  12. ade x rayuan untuk pmohonan yg dtolak bg pidn?kalu ade mcm mane?

  13. When does the JPA scholarship come out for local student that want to study at oversea?.Please and thank you.^^

  14. kalo apply jpa utk dlm negara, still leh apply utk others scholarship x ?
    ada org cakap its better to apply for mara scholarships than jpa. sebab competition dlm jpa quite tough.n jpa utk ijazah je ke yang ada ? diploma ?

    • @syud: You’re right. More people are applying for JPA and the competition are really tough. Only the good one will get it. JPA also provides scholarship to Diploma/Degree. Read more about JPA scholarship article below:

  15. jpa cm haram…duit biasiswa bagi kt orang kaya…aku yg miskin result oke tapi xdapat jpa…korg mkn duit haram masyarakat…..

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