May 102011

In conjunction with the decision of the Cabinet Malaysia, all SPM students who scored at least 8A+ and above in SPM 2010 will automatically get Public Service Department (PSD) Scholarship. I believe this is good news for many bright students who got 8A+ in the SPM last year.

The cabinet decision was decided last Wednesday and Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia had announced the delay of the result of successful JPA scholarship recipients via its eSILA website. According to JPA, they are still processing the 2011 PILN applications and the final result for Program Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN) 2011 will be announced in this week.

esila announcement

Last year, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had promised that all brilliant students who scored 9A+ will receive PSD scholarships (local or overseas) regardless of their race or religion. Just over a year, the prime minister has again brought good news to SPM students again. Therefore, I can foresee more students will be awarded with Government’s scholarships to pursue their tertiary education.


I can foresee more eligible SPM students will get JPA scholarships this year because there’s no limitation on your race or religion and the only requirement is to score 8A+ and above in the SPM result. Good luck!

JPA Scholarships updates:

All JPA PILN applicants can check JPA Scholarships result from 13 May 2011 until 20 May 2011 at eSILA website. For students who got scholarships to pursue studies in medical field under Program Ijazah Luar Negara 2011, you are required to attend PPKSD which will be started from 23 to 25 May 2011 at the hospitals selected by you in your application form. Don’t forget to print the offer letter before attending PPKSD and submit to the person in charge on registration day – 23 May 2011.

Congratulations for all successful JPA Scholarship applicants and wish you all achieve better results in your future studies.

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