Feb 252012

The time to submit income tax Malaysia for year of assessment 2011 is just around the corner. For those taxpayers who had submitted their income tax through e-Filing system in 2011 will find that online submission via e-filling system is easier and faster than manual keying like previously. Moreover, taxpayers who use e-Filling can rely on it to perform complex calculations more accurately.


The e-filing system for year of assessment 2011 will be available starting of 1 March 2012. Kindly refer to the below table to find out the due date for submission of ITRF (Income Tax Return Forms)

Deadline to return Income Tax Return Form 2012

Form Type Category Due Date for Submission
E 2011 Employer 31 March 2012
BE 2011 Individual – Resident who does not carry on any business 30 April 2012
B 2011 Individual – Resident who carries on business 30 June 2012
P 2011 Partnership 30 June 2012
M 2011 Non-resident individual 30 April 2012 (does not carry on any business)

30 June 2012 (carries on business)

TP 2011 Deceased person’s estate
TF 2011 Association
TJ 2011 Hindu joint family
C & R 2012 Company – Accounting period ending:

January 2012 – March 2012

April 2012 – June 2012

July 2012 – September 2012

October 2012 – December 2012

7 months from the closing date of accounts
C1 2012 Co-operative society 7 months from the closing date of accounts
TC 2012 Unit Trust/Property Trust
TA 2012 Trust Body
TR 2012 Real Estate Investment Trust/Property Trust Fund

Where to submit e-Filling Form?

Kindly visit e-Filing website to do online submission.


As usual, we advised all taxpayers to submit their ITRF as soon as you can to avoid the last minute line congestion. For further details and enquiries, taxpayers may visit any nearest LHDNM branch for assistance in completing income tax return form or contact LHDNM customer service centre via e-mail at e_filing@hasil.gov.my or call them at 1-300-88-3010.

  5 Responses to “e-Filing 2012 – Online Submission Income Tax Malaysia”

  1. I am unable to fill into my income tax return for 2011. Please advise.

    THoo Thean Hoo
    REF Income tax: 11319037090.
    Thoo Thean Hoo

  2. I hope income tax can call me at 0060168511401.
    REF: 11319037090.

  3. I can’t login to the e-filling income tax, due pin issue, i have requested through email to the pin related email a week ago, but still no reply.

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