Apr 242011

LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) has urged all eligible tax payers to submit Income Tax for year assessment 2010 (BE Form) for individuals without business source via e-Filling as soon as possible before the deadline on 30 April 2011.

due date to submit income tax 2011

LHDN reminds tax payers to provide correct information when submitting Income Tax form and all relevant supporting documents should be kept for 7 years for audit purposes. The following documents are as follows:

1)      EA/EC form

2)      Original dividend vouchers

3)      Insurance premium receipts

4)      Books purchase receipts

5)      Medical receipts

6)      Donation and zakat receipts

7)      Marriage certificates

8)      Children’s birth certificates

9)      Other supporting documents

Income Tax Penalties

If you are taxable but failed to submit the income tax form, you are committed under the Income Tax Act 1967 and could be fined between RM200 to RM2000 or not more than 6 months imprisonment or both. If a tax payer provided fake information, LHDN can invoke LAWS OF MALAYSIA ACT 53 INCOME TAX ACT 1967 to start investigating the income tax matters.

Deadline to Submit Malaysia Income Tax Form

I believe no one will want to get any penalty due to late submission, therefore make sure you have submitted the Income Tax form before the due date as follows:

Income Tax Form Due Date
BE Form –  (e-BE)Individuals without business source 30 April, 2011
B Form – (e-B)Individuals with business source 30 June, 2011
M Form – (e-M)Non-resident individual without business source 30 April, 2011
M Form – (e-M)Non-resident with business source 30 June, 2011
P Form – (e-P)Partnership 30 June, 2011


Should you have any enquiry regarding tax matters, you can contact LHDN Malaysia at 1-300-88-3010 or e-mail to callcentre@hasil.gov.my.

  4 Responses to “Due Date to Submit Income Tax Malaysia via e-Filling 2011”

  1. Going to submit it today. :P

  2. I have been requested to re-filing my LHDN Income Tax due to mistake in my bonus part. Thus, i’m required to give all supporting for my tax relief items.
    1. Do i need to provide original copies for my parent medical receipt?
    2. How about books/journals/magazine? as per my knowledge, there only a need to list down in a paper for this.
    3. Broadband.. my maxis broadband bill only show a number (eg. 012-23X XXXX) instead of written a broadband line, do i need to get a bill from maxis stated it was a broadband rather than a normal line?


  3. @Terri: Hi, I believe the photocopy of medical receipts should be fine unless they mentioned the original copy in the letter. For books, journals and magazines, list them down on a paper and attach the receipts (photostat copy). If i’m not wrong, the maximum amount of tax relief for broadband is RM500 and should be under the individual’s name. If possible, get the bill from Maxis that can show your name and broadband subscription.
    Anyway, it’s advisable to give a call to LHDN customer service centre at 1-300-88-3010 for better confirmation. :)

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