Mar 192009

Nowadays, everyone is too busy rushing to earn money without thinking about their health. Good Sitting posture is a essential to our health, however many people seems to ignore its importance. In long terms, bad sitting posture will bring harmful to our spine as well. In the illustrate below, we will see what is the right position to sit and how you can practice it when you are sitting in the office or home.

Correct Sitting Posture

Please share with your love one and friends about the Good Sitting Posture as well. Keep the Healthy Life and hapiness in our community.

  2 Responses to “Do You Have A Right Posture To Sit?”

  1. Oh gosh, now look at how I’m sitting! Thanks for the reminder, I really need to have a proper place to work nowadays. ^^

  2. You’re welcome Ching Ya, everyone should have right sitting posture as it’s very important to our health. Because “No Health = No Happiness”

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