Apr 232011

White iPhone 4 has been delayed for almost 11 months since June last year, now white iPhone 4 fans in Malaysia can register your email address at Digi White Iphone 4 Registration of Interest page. By filling up your name, phone number, email address and select which iPhone 4 white model are you interested in. It means that you might be the first person to have White iPhone4 in Malaysia when it’s available!

register white iphone 4 digi

Today when I browsed to the white iPhone4 Registration of Interest page, the message appeared “Registration of interest is now closed. Please stay tuned for more info.” Does it means too many people register for white iPhone 4 in Malaysia? Is Digi will open Registration again in the future? Well, nobody knows except Digi Telco.

digi white iphone4 registration closed

Price of White iPhone 4 in Malaysia
Digi has yet to reveal the pricing of white iPhone 4 but will make an official announcement as soon as possible on Digi’s official website. One thing for sure is white iPhone 4 will be more expensive than iPhone 4 black with additional cost. Currently, the Digi iPhone 4 (black) can only be purchased with a 24 months contract. For an iPhone 4 (black) model 16GB, the price is RM 2,090 while 32GB costs at RM 2,490.
Let’s take a look on Digi iPhone 4 current pricing plans if buy with cash or credit card:

digi iphone4 pricing plans 2011

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