Jul 102011

Since I got a Nokia 3310 phone in 2001, I’ve been a loyal Digi Prepaid user until today which means I’m already 10 years with DiGi prepaid. I love the features provided by DiGi such as Prepaid Talktime Transfer and Reload Bonus and even my brother and sister are using DiGi Prepaid Campus because it’s more affordable and convenient. However, when I see the DiGi notices today, my first impression was disappointed and DiGi prepaid rates are getting expensive now.

digi 6 percent service tax

Let’s look at some important notices published on its website (click here)

1) DiGi Postpaid Free Video Calls Discontinued effective 1 June 2011

All video calls among DiGi Postpaid’s principal to supplementary and supplementary to supplementary lines will no longer FREE. All video calls will be charged according to the voice call tariff of your rate plan.

2) DiGi Prepaid Campus Rates Revised to 18 sen/min effective 8 June 2011

digi prepaid campus rates 2011

DiGi Prepaid Campus plan rates (voice calls & video calls) will be increased to RM 18 sen from the RM 15 sen previously. MMS rate also increased to RM 50 sen from RM 25 sen previously. It also affects Friend & Family rates as well because you can no more enjoy free SMS to your friend & family. However, you still can enjoy 100 minutes free calls when you hit a daily total usage of RM2. Free 100 minutes can be used for all services except video calls.

3) Prepaid Daily Max Cap Increase to RM 8 per Day

Effective from 1 June 2011, DiGi pay-as-you-use Internet will be increased from RM 5 to RM 8 for all DiGi prepaid plans. Standard charge of RM0.10/10kb applies before hitting the maximum charge.

4) Prepaid Talktime Transfer Surcharge increase to RM0.50 effective 11 May 2011

In the previously, every talktime transfer will cost a surcharge of RM 0.25 for both sender and receiver but now the new revision will incur a surcharge of RM 0.50 to both sides which means a total RM 1 will be charged for a talktime transfer service. It’s a 100% increment rates, right?

5) DiGi Easy Prepaid Reload Bonus Discontinued effective of 20 February 2011

All reloads by DiGi Easy Prepaid customers will not be counted towards future reload bonus payout but they still continuing to enjoy free SMS with every RM 10 reload, Birthday Bonus.

6) 6% Service Tax Rate will be charged to all customers

The 6% service tax will be charged for new registrations effective of 1 Jan 2011 while customers registered before 1 Jan 2011 will be charged effective of February 2011. The Government has increased 5% to 6% service tax rate starting January 1, 2011 and in the previously, the 5% service tax was absorbed by Telcos ( DiGi, Maxis, Celcom, etc..) but why now pass down 6% to us instead of 1%?  It’s not fair at all in my opinion. That means when you reload for a RM 10, the actual worth of airtime will only contain RM 9.40 after deducting 60 sen (6% of service tax)


Now, everything is getting expensive and customers need to pay more money to enjoy the same services. I hope these telecommunication providers should put more efforts in retaining their “old and loyal customers” instead of raising the services rates aggressively without providing other cost-saving plans for these loyal customers.

So, do you think DiGi is still the smarter choice?

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  1. I stopped using prepaid after I got my HTC HD2. 3G data charges is expensive on prepaid compare to postpaid…

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